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You can start your acquaintance with Blazegraph™ from Blazegraph Workbench (a frontend to the NanoSparqlServer), just running it from a command line.

Download the latest blazegraph.jar file and run it:

java -server -Xmx4g -jar blazegraph.jar



Welcome to Blazegraph(tm) by SYSTAP.

Go to http://localhost:9999/blazegraph/ to get started.

Once it started, the default workbench location is http://localhost:9999/blazegraph/:


Load data

You can load the file /tmp/blazgraph/data.n3 (for example, get this file) through the "Update" tab:

load <file:///tmp/blazegraph/data.n3>


Query data

You can issue SPARQL queries through the "Query" tab:

select * where { <> ?p ?o }


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