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This is an overview of the bigdata roadmap. Features and release dates are subject to change.

Milestone Releases

2011 Q1

  • A new persistence store which scales to 10B+ triples on a single machine.
  • A new query engine. It's faster, has a smaller footprint in memory and is more extensible.
  • A new query optimizer.

2011 Q2

  • SPARQL 1.1 support, including analytic joins.

2011 Q4

  • Simple install.
  • Shared disk deployment strategies suitable for EC2 or other Cloud as a Service providers so you can flex the bigdata cluster size.
  • Fast analytic support based on multi-block IO joins.

Accelerating Features

Development is driven by our both personal vision and by what people are telling us they need. If you want to accelerate a feature by underwriting its development, contact the project administers.

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