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Rebuild Text Index Utility

 java -cp *:*.jar [-namespace namespace] [-forceCreate] propertyFile

If you're using the executable jar:

 java -cp blazegraph.jar [-namespace namespace] [-forceCreate] propertyFile
parameter definition
-namespace The namespace of the KB instance.
-forceCreate When true a new text index will be created if does not exist, false is default.
propertyFile The configuration file for the database instance.


Request to rebuild text index or create a new one if it does not exist for a data set identified by NAMESPACE.

POST /bigdata/namespace/NAMESPACE/textIndex
parameter definition
force-index-create when true full text index will be created if not exists. Default value is false.


  • Rebuild an existing text index for a namespace identified by 'someNamespace':
curl -X POST http://localhost:9999/bigdata/namespace/someNamespace/textIndex

If the text index not exists in the namespace then 'Error 500 Could not rebuild full text index, because it is not enabled' will be received from the server in a response.

  • Create text index in an existing namespace:
curl -X POST http://localhost:9999/bigdata/namespace/someNamespace/textIndex?force-index-create=true

Using Workbench

Rebuild Text Index

Click the link 'Rebuild Full Text Index' if you want to rebuild an existing text index.


The following message will appear after a successful operation complete.


Create Text Index

You have an opportunity to create the text index even if it was disabled on a namespace creation. In this case after clicking the link 'Rebuild Full Text Index' you need to confirm your action in the dialog appeared.


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