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The following can be used as a template for starting a bigdata federation on a single machine.


You need to specify the standalone configuration file. You should review the file and make sure that it is appropriate for your environment (LAS, NAS, JVM, etc.).


Edit standalone configuration file

You need to specify the IP address of the host that you will be using. The file is used as is on a machine with 8G of RAM. However, you should review the memory (-Xmx) and other parameters throughout the file to ensure a clean start.

    static private h0 = "";

Build and deploy a distribution archive.


Note: Edit FED, NAS, LAS, REL, and DIST for your site.

Note: The added steps of creating a DIST archive and deploying it are only necessary to verify that the DIST archive actually contains all of the necessary files from the project. Otherwise you can skip over that step and do the install from the project directory.


# Source directory for release version.

# Distribution specific version.

# create the DIST
cd $REL
ant ant-install-artifact

# extract DIST to DIST specific directory
rm -rf /nas/bigdata/${DIST}
tar xzvof DIST.${DIST}.tgz -C /nas/bigdata/

cd /nas/bigdata/${DIST}

# remove the existing install ($LAS is cleared by bigdata destroy)
rm -rf $NAS

# install distribution.
ant ant-install

# setup environment
source $NAS/bin/bigdataenv

Start bigdata

bigdata start

Monitor the error log

tail -f $errorLog
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