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Companion computer startup scripts and examples
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zt-luo and jaxxzer use "" in internet status is not aviliable in china
Latest commit c238b7d Dec 25, 2018
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br-webui use "" in internet status Mar 19, 2019
fw firmware: update ArduSub to 3.5.3 Dec 11, 2018
params networking: remove dhcp lease file before starting server Dec 13, 2018
scripts use /dev/serial/by-id Dec 17, 2018
submodules ping-python: remove submodule Nov 14, 2018
tools add support for nmea output to port 14401 Mar 15, 2019
.gitignore Update paths May 17, 2017
LICENSE Initial commit Nov 13, 2015
release-notes.txt Update release notes for 0.0.16 Dec 18, 2018


This repository is the Blue Robotics version of the ArduPilot/companion repository. This is the code that runs on the Raspberry Pi in the BlueROV2. Currently, this repository only provides an implementation for the Raspberry Pi Computer.

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