This repo contains example code for O'Reilly's "Programming Android" by Zigured Mednieks, Laird Dornin, Blake Meike and Masumi Nakamura
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This repo contains working code for the example in O'Reilly's _Programming Android, 2nd Edition_;  Mednieks, Dornin, Meike, Nakamura (

The projects have all been tested in eclipse, using the emulator (with the exception of a couple that are hardware dependent; those projects have notes to that effect in their README files)

If you have a question, you might check the FAQ:

To set up a project, check it out and then:
cd $PROJ
cp tools/ide/eclipse/project .project
cp tools/ide/eclipse/classpath .classpath

Start eclipse and use File > Import > "Existing project into workspace"

Comments are welcome! Send problems and comments to programmingandroidexamples at callmeike dot net.

Code for the 1st edition can be obtained by checking out the the tag v1.0