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The code for the 2nd Edition of Programming Android is now available here: (git://

The repo has been re-organized and all the code has been updated to run under ICS

The old repo:

Is now a copy of the new repo. You can still get the code for the first edition, by checking out the tag v1.0

Q1: Where is the code for chapter 13
A: Chapter 13 expands on code introduced in chapter 12. The code for chapter 13 is in the $root/12/FinchVideo

Q2: Eclipse is giving me errors on some of the @Override statements.
A: You'll need to tell Eclipse to use Java 1.6 compatibility. Look in Project > Properties > Java Compiler and check "Enable project specific settings" and the set the Compiler Compliance Level to 1.6

Q3: Eclipse is telling me that "git-up-load-pack not found" when I try to clone a project. What's up with that?
A: As with so many things git, this obscures a fairly simple problem: git can't download the thing you asked it to. There are a couple of common reasons for this:

Q4: How do I get the FinchVideo project to work?
A: Well, the short answer is that you can use the project and classpath files in the tools/ide/eclipse folders. A longer answer is that you need to set up the Finch Framework project ($root/finch/framework/FinchFramework). You need to be sure that the directory lib-src is on the build path. Then set up the FinchVideo project and add the FinchFramework as an (Android) library project.

Q5: Wait! Something changed! You've reversed the directories 07 and 09
A: Yes, we did. They were, originally, backwards. There was a lot of chapter re-arrangement, at the last minute, and, sure enough, these two are interchanged. We continue to fix bugs as we find them

Q6: I'm having trouble signing the MJAndroid application so that the MapView will work
A: A tip of the hat to Steve Webb, who provided this suggestion:

In eclipse select Preferences > Android > Build. Note the location of the default debug keystore, and then:

keytool -list -alias androiddebugkey -keystore "path of debug keystore" -storepass android -keypass android

This will give you an MD5 hash. Copy it into the MD5 certificate fingerprint text field on the MAP API web page as defined. Finally, copy the generated Maps API key and past it over the top of the apikey field in the main.xml file.

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