Jupyter Notebooks in Education
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Welcome to Python.ipynb


Jupyter Notebooks


Jupyter notebooks are interactive documents that have a great potential to improve the learning process. If you have never used a notebook, have a look at Bret Victor's take on explorable explanations; you will get a feel of what notebooks can bring to the table.

Discover Jupyter

Project Jupyter is the homepage of the non-profit behind the Jupyter Notebook.

The project provides Try Jupyter!, a perfect tool to get started with notebooks:

  • It runs on your browser and it is hosted in the cloud (you don't have to install anything on your computer).

  • It is free and doesn't require any registration.

  • You can't break anything (or rather if you do, it doesn't matter).

  • It doesn't keep your data.


The "document cells" of notebooks use the Markdown syntax. The site of CommonMark (a standard for this language) hosts:

Notebookify Everything!

Many types of documents can benefit from a "translation" into a notebook. For example, consider:

Try to make notebooks out of these documents then think how you may improve on the originals!

Use Jupyter Notebooks (Like a Pro)

Try Jupyter! is nice to get started but has many limitations (to begin with, when too many people are using it, you won't be able to start it!). If you get serious about this notebook thing, consider the following options: