A webservice based social collaboration application
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Copyright (c) 2017-2018 by Botorabi. All rights reserved.

License: MIT License (MIT)
Read the LICENSE text in main directory for more details.

Current Version:   0.9.3
First Created:     August 2017
Author:            Botorabi (botorabi AT gmx DOT net)

Maintainability Test Coverage Build Status


Meet4Eat is a social collaboration system providing an easy way to communicate with your colleagues and friends to make an appointment for a social event such as meeting for daily lunch.

For more details visit the Meet4Eat website https://m4e.org

Meet4Eat - A Cloud Application

The system consists of two major parts: a server providing proper web services and a client for user interaction.

Web Services? Tel me more!

The web services are implemented by using bare-bone Java EE providing RESTful services. They provide following functionality.

  • User authentication

  • Resource access control considering various user authorization roles

  • System maintenance

  • Support for automated migration tasks during an application update

  • The actual application

An administration panel provides a convenient user interface for system monitoring and trouble shooting.

What about the User Interaction

The user interacts with the system by the means of an application client. For desktops a Qt based application is unter development, see Meet4Eat Desktop https://github.com/botorabi/Meet4Eat-Desktop. Later, native apps for smartphones and a browser based solution may follow. All clients have the same REST interface for interacting with the system, so it is simple to develop third party applications for Meet4Eat.