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ASP.NET Core / Vue.js SPA Template App

This app is a template application using ASP.NET Core for a REST/JSON API server and Vue.js for a web client.

Overview of Stack

  • Server
    • ASP.NET Core
    • PostgresSQL
    • Entity Framework Core w/ EF Migrations
    • JSON Web Token (JWT) authorization with OpenIddict
    • Docker used for development PostgresSQL database and MailCatcher server
  • Client
    • Vue.js
    • Webpack for asset bundling and HMR (Hot Module Replacement)
    • CSS Modules
    • Fetch API for REST requests
  • Testing
    • xUnit for .NET Core
    • MailCatcher for development email delivery
  • DevOps
    • Ansible playbook for provisioning (Nginx reverse proxy, SSL via Let's Encrypt, PostgresSQL backups to S3)
    • Ansible playbook for deployment


  1. Install the following:
  2. Run npm install && npm start
  3. Open browser and navigate to http://localhost:5000.


npm install

When first cloning the repo or adding new dependencies, run this command. This will:

  • Install Node dependencies from package.json
  • Install .NET Core dependencies from api/api.csproj and api.test/api.test.csproj (using dotnet restore)

npm start

To start the app for development, run this command. This will:

  • Run docker-compose up to ensure the PostgreSQL and MailCatcher Docker images are up and running
  • Run dotnet watch run which will build the app (if changed), watch for changes and start the web server on http://localhost:5000
  • Run Webpack dev middleware with HMR via ASP.NET JavaScriptServices

npm run migrate

After making changes to Entity Framework models in api/Models/, run this command to generate and run a migration on the database. A timestamp will be used for the migration name.

npm test

This will run the xUnit tests in api.test/ and the Vue.js tests in client-web.test/.

npm run provision:prod

Before running this script, you need to create an ops/hosts file first. See the ops README for instructions.

This will run the ops/provision.yml Ansible playbook and provision hosts in ops/hosts inventory file. This prepares the hosts to recieve deployments by doing the following:

  • Install Nginx
  • Generate a SSL certificate from Let's Encrypt and configure Nginx to use it
  • Install .Net Core
  • Install Supervisor (will run/manage the ASP.NET app)
  • Install PostgreSQL
  • Setup a cron job to automatically backup the PostgresSQL database, compress it, and upload it to S3.
  • Setup UFW (firewall) to lock everything down except inbound SSH and web traffic
  • Create a deploy user, directory for deployments and configure Nginx to serve from this directory

npm run deploy:prod

Before running this script, you need to create a ops/hosts file first. See the ops README for instructions.

This script will:

  • Build release Webpack bundles
  • Package the .NET Core application in Release mode (dotnet publish)
  • Run the ops/deploy.yml Ansible playbook to deploy this app to hosts in /ops/hosts inventory file. This does the following:
  • Copies the build assets to the remote host(s)
  • Updates the appsettings.json file with PostgresSQL credentials specified in ops/hosts file and the app URL (needed for JWT tokens)
  • Restarts the app so that changes will be picked up

Development Email Delivery

This template includes a MailCatcher Docker image so that when email is sent during development (i.e. new user registration), it can be viewed in the MailCacher web interface at http://localhost:1080/.

Visual Studio Code config

This project has Visual Studio Code tasks and debugger launch config located in .vscode/.


  • Command+Shift+B - Runs the "build" task which builds the api/ project
  • Command+Shift+T - Runs the "test" task which runs the xUnit tests in api.test/ and Mocha/Enzyme tests in client-web.test/.

Debug Launcher

With the following debugger launch configs, you can set breakpoints in api/ or the the Mocha tests in client-web.test/ and have full debugging support.

  • Debug api/ (server) - Runs the vscode debugger (breakpoints) on the api/ .NET Core app
  • Debug client-web.test/ (Mocha tests) - Runs the vscode debugger on the client-web.test/ Mocha tests


The following resources were helpful in setting up this template: