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BART Fare "Hacking"

This is a demonstration of some really cool algorithm concepts, applied to the San Francisco BART system. The idea is to "swap" tickets among train riders so that the trips appear shorter and everyone's fares go down. You can find a better description of the idea here.

This program is a server that runs a very rudimentary API and a Javascript frontend program for the server. You can do simple experiments with small amounts of riders, or you can run large-scale experiments on real BART data. You can test it all out for yourself:

pip install -r requirements-dev.txt
export FLASK_APP=bart/
export FLASK_DEBUG=1
flask run --host=


This is an academic demonstration of modeling a real-world problem as an optimization problem, formulating it as an integer linear program, and using the resulting formulation as the basis for an algorithm.

This app, if it were real, would steal from a public transportation system. That is wrong. However, this app could never be real for several reasons:

  1. You would need to be able to swap tickets and cards electronically. This currently is not practical.
  2. To successfully reduce fares, this system needs many users. To gain users, this system needs to demonstrate that it can reduce their fares. It is nearly impossible for an app like this to gain traction.
  3. No curated app store would host an app that games the BART system. No distribution means no adoption.
  4. It would not be hard for BART to mitigate this quickly.

So at the end of the day, this is a harmless exercise in algorithms.