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Highlights of the release:

This release contains a single bug fix for GenotypeGVCFs to fix an erroneous IllegalStateException ("No likelihood sum exceeded zero -- method was called for variant data with no variant information.") in the edge case where unnormalized PLs are present at monomorphic sites.

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Highlights of the release:

  • Important bug fixes for the joint calling tools (GenotypeGVCFs / GenomicsDB)

    • GATK contained two joint genotyping bugs that are now fixed in GATK
      • GenotypeGVCFs can throw NullPointerExceptions in some cases with many alternate alleles.
      • The expectation-maximization component of the QUAL calculation was disabled, leading to false positive, low quality alleles at some multi-allelic sites.
    • If you are running these tools in we strongly recommend updating to
  • Fixed a "Bucket is a requester pays bucket but no user project provided" error that occurred when accessing requester pays buckets in Google Cloud Storage even when the --gcs-project-for-requester-pays argument was specified

    • If you continue to encounter problems accessing requester pays Google Cloud Storage buckets in, please let us know by filing a Github issue!
  • Two new tools for the Structural Variation calling pipeline: SVAnnotate and PrintSVEvidence

  • Some fixes to genotype-given-alleles mode in HaplotypeCaller and Mutect2

Full list of changes:

  • Joint Calling (GenotypeGVCFs / GenomicsDB)

    • GATK contained two joint genotyping bugs which are now fixed in
      • GenotypeGVCFs can throw NullPointerExceptions in some cases with many alternate alleles.
        • Fixed in:
          • Fix for NullPointerException when GenomicsDB has more ALT alleles than specified maximum and many GQ0 hom-ref genotypes allow variants to pass the QUAL filter (#7738)
      • The expectation-maximization component of the QUAL calculation was disabled, leading to false positive, low quality alleles at some multi-allelic sites.
        • Fixed in:
          • Fix multi-allelic QUAL calculation and restore some missing ALT annotation data in ReblockGVCFs (#7670)
    • Mention acceptable compressed VCF file extensions in GenomicsDBImport error message (#7692)
  • SV Calling

    • Added a new tool SVAnnotate (#7431)
      • SVAnnotate adds functional annotations for SVs called by GATK-SV (#7431)
    • Added a new tool PrintSVEvidence (#7695)
      • PrintSVEvidence is a tool that can merge any number of files containing one of five types of evidence of structural variation. It's also capable of subsetting regions or samples. It's used to merge evidence from a cohort in the GATK-SV pipeline.
    • Added start/end coordinate validation to SVCallRecord (#7714)
  • HaplotypeCaller / Mutect2

    • Fixed an edge case in HaplotypeCaller where filtered alleles in the vicinity of forced-calling alleles could result in empty calls (#7740)
      • This affects users who run genotype given alleles mode in non-GVCF mode
    • Fixed a bug in HaplotypeCaller and Mutect2 where force-calling alleles were lost upon trimming by placing allele injection after trimming (#7679)
    • Added a debug ``--pair-hmm-results-file` argument that dumps the the exact inputs/outputs of the PairHMM to a file (#7660)
    • Some changes to Mutect2 to support the future Mutect3 (#7663)
      • Added training data for the Mutect3 normal artifact filter
      • Output tensors for Mutect3 as plain text rather than VCF
  • RNA Tools

    • TransferReadTags: a new tool that transfers a read tag from an unaligned bam to the matching aligned bam (#7739).
      • This tool allows us to retrieve read tags that get lost when converting a SAM file to fastqs, then back to SAM (which is necessary if e.g. running fastp to clip adapter bases before alignment).
    • PostProcessReadsForRSEM: a new tool that re-orders and filters reads before running RSEM, which has stringent requirements on the input SAM ( (#7752).
  • Funcotator

    • Added custom VariantClassification severity ordering. (#7673)
      • Users can now customize the severity ratings of the various VariantClassifications using the new --custom-variant-classification-order argument
    • Added logging statements to the b37 conversion process explaining why the automatic b37 conversion does or does not take place on their VCFs (#7760)
  • VariantRecalibrator

    • Added regularization to covariance in GMM maximization step to fix convergence issues in VariantRecalibrator (#7709)
      • This makes the tool more robust in cases where annotations are highly correlated
  • Bug Fixes

    • Fixed a "Bucket is a requester pays bucket but no user project provided" error that occurred when accessing requester pays buckets in Google Cloud Storage even when --gcs-project-for-requester-pays was specified (#7700) (#7730)
    • Fix for the PossibleDeNovo annotation to work without Genotype Likelihoods (#7662)
      • PossibleDeNovo checks each trio's genotype (including parent hom ref genotypes) for likelihoods even though it doesn't actually use the PLs. The PLs can get dropped if GVCFs are reblocked which means this annotation no longer works as expected. This changes the check to look for GQs instead of PLs as the GQs are used as part of the annotation.
    • Fixed a bug with the --mate-too-distant-length in MateDistantReadFilter not being configurable (#7701)
  • GATK Engine

    • Added a new MultiFeatureWalker traversal to the GATK engine (#7695)
    • Removed an ancient, unused option to track unique reads in a LocusIteratorByState (#6410)
  • Miscellaneous Changes

    • Added back the jcenter repository resolver to our gradle build, fixing a "Could not find biz.k11i:xgboost-predictor:0.3.0" error when building GATK from source (#7665)
    • We now properly update the latest tag in the broadinstitute/gatk-nightly Dockerhub repo (#7703)
    • The docker build now only does a git lfs pull on src/main/resources/large (#7727)
    • Install git lfs with --force in the Dockerfile (#7682)
    • Fix WDL generation for MultiVariantWalkers by adding a companion index to the MultiVariantWalker input variant arg (#7689)
    • Added google apps script to automatically update GATK release stats. (#7637)
    • Updated the GATK stats script to be more universally usable (#7759)
    • Added JointCallExomeCNVs to .dockstore.yml and included a note in the WDL (#7719)
  • Documentation

    • Corrected the docs for the --heterozygosity argument in the GenotypeCalculationArgumentCollection (#7661)
  • Dependencies

    • Updated Picard to 2.27.1 (#7766)
    • Updated google-cloud-nio to 0.123.25 (#7730)
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Highlights of the release:

  • Fixed a GenotypeGVCFs IllegalStateException error reported by multiple users in #7639

  • Added a new tool SVCluster that clusters structural variants based on coordinates, event type, and supporting algorithms.

Full list of changes:

  • Joint Calling (GenotypeGVCFs / GenomicsDB)

    • Fixed an IllegalStateException in GenotypeGVCFs arising from GenomicsDB output with too many alts and no likelihoods, and also added a --genomicsdb-max-alternate-alleles argument that is separate from the --max-alternate-alleles argument used by GenotypeGVCFs (#7655)
      • This fixes the GenotypeGVCFs error reported in #7639
      • The new --genomicsdb-max-alternate-alleles argument is required to be at least one greater than the --max-alternate-alleles argument, to account for the NON_REF allele.
    • ReblockGVCF: fixed an edge case where hom-ref "variant" records with no data had wrong-sized PLs and didn't merge with adjacent blocks (#7644)
  • SV Calling

    • Added a new tool SVCluster that clusters structural variants based on coordinates, event type, and supporting algorithms. (#7541)
      • Primary use cases include:
        • Clustering SVs produced by multiple callers, based on interval overlap, breakpoint proximity, and sample overlap.
        • Merging multiple SV VCFs with disjoint sets of samples and/or variants.
        • Defragmentation of copy number variants produced with depth-based callers.
  • Mutect2

    • The palindrome ITR artifact transformer now skips reads whose contigs are not in sequence dictionary (#6968)
      • This fixes a NullPointerException error in Mutect2 reported in #6851
  • GATK Engine

    • Added a new read filter, ExcessiveEndClippedReadFilter (#7638)
      • This filter will keep reads that have fewer than the specified number of clipped bases on either end.
      • Designed with long reads in mind, and as a result has a default value of 1000.
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Highlights of the release:

  • Fix more newly discovered log4j2 vulnerabilities. Now that people are paying attention they are finding all sorts of things.

Full list of changes:

  • Build System

    • Upgrade our build from Gradle 5.6 to the newest 7.3.2 (#7609)
    • This fixes some gradle bugs which were blocking development
  • GenomicsDB

    • Update to genomicsdb 1.4.3 (#7613) which fixes #7598
    • Fix bug which caused --max_alternate_alleles to be ignored when using GenomicsDB (#7576)
  • Miscellaneous Changes

    • Update .dockstore.yml (#7595)
    • Fix developer doc in AS_RMSMappingQuality (#7607)
  • Dependencies

    • Update log4j to 2.17.1 (#7624)(#7615)
    • Upgrade to Barclay 4.0.2. (#7602)
    • Update to genomicsdb 1.4.3 (#7613)
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Highlights of the release:

  • Fix a major security bug due to log4j vulnerability. (CVE-2021-44228)
  • Improvement to calculation of ExcessHet in joint genotyping. (GenotypeGVCFs, GnarlyGenotyper, ExcessHet).

Full list of changes:

  • Funcotator

    • Aligned the Funcotator checkIfAlreadyAnnotated test with the Funcotator engine code. (#7555)
  • GenotypeGVCFs / ExcessHet

    • Removed undocumented mid-p correction to p-values in exact test of Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium and updated corresponding tests. We now report the same value as ExcHet in bcftools. Note that previous values of 3.0103 (corresponding to mid-p values of 0.5) will now be 0.0000. (#7394)
    • Updated expected ExcessHet values in integration test resources and added an update toggle to GnarlyGenotyperIntegrationTest.
    • Updated ExcessHet documentation.
  • Miscellaneous Changes

    • Delete an unused .gitattributes file which was unintentionally stored in git-lfs and caused an error message to appear sometimes when checking out the repository. (#7594)
    • Remove trailing tab in VariantsToTable output header (#7559)
  • Documentation

    • Updated AUTHORS file to remove a contributor's name at their request. (#7580)
    • Remove outdated javadoc line in AssemblyBasedCallerUtils (#7554)
  • Dependencies

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Docker image:

Highlights of the release:

  • Notable bug fixes for Mutect2 and Funcotator

  • Support in CombineGVCFs and GenotypeGVCFs for "reblocked" GVCFs as produced by the ReblockGVCF tool. Reblocked GVCFs have a significantly reduced storage footprint.

  • More control over the Smith-Waterman parameters in HaplotypeCaller and Mutect2

  • A new Fragment Allele Depth (FAD) variant annotation similar to the AD annotation except that allele support is considered per read pair, not per individual read

  • GenomicsDB bug fixes and enhancements

Full list of changes:

  • HaplotypeCaller/Mutect2

    • Fixed a bug where Mutect2 failed to filter germline variants with alternate representations (#7103)
      • This caused variants with alternative representations in gnomAD to not be recognized as being the same as called variants in some cases. This resulted in variants that were called and not filtered, but they should have been filtered by "germline".
    • Exposed Smith-Waterman parameters as tool arguments in HaplotypeCaller, Mutect2, and FilterAlignmentArtifacts. (#6885)
      • Enables use of alternative parameters for different event representation (e.g. three consecutive SNPs instead of two small indels)
    • Can now specify the Smith-Waterman implementation in FilterAlignmentArtifacts (#7105)
    • Added a --debug-assembly-variants-out diagnostic option to output a side VCF with variants detected by assembly for HaplotypeCaller and Mutect2 (#7384)
    • Mutect2: the --genotype-germline-sites argument is no longer marked as experimental (#7533)
  • GenotypeGVCFs / CombineGVCFs

    • Updated CombineGVCFs and GenotypeGVCFs to handle "reblocked" GVCFs with diploid data that are potentially missing hom-ref genotype PLs (#7223)
    • Homozygous reference genotypes with no PLs and zero depth are now output as no-calls by GenotypeGVCFs (#7471)
    • Bug fixes for GenotypeGVCFs/GnarlyGenotyper when allele-specific annotations have empty values due to lack of informative reads or no depth (#7491) (#7186)
  • GenomicsDB

    • Added a new --call-genotypes GenomicsDB argument, enabling output of called genotypes (i.e. not ./.) when tools like CombineGVCFs and SelectVariants read from a GenomicsDB workspace (#7223)
    • Added a --bypass-feature-reader argument to GenomicsDBImport to allow the C-based htslib VCF reader implementation to be used instead of the Java implementation (#7393)
      • Using this option will reduce memory usage and potentially speed up the import process
    • Updated to GenomicsDB 1.4.2 (#7520)
  • Funcotator

    • Fixed a StringIndexOutOfBoundsException in the protein change prediction code that could be triggered by certain indels. The fix avoids the crash by adding additional bounds checking. (#7513)
    • Allow FilterFuncotations to process multi-transcript genes (#7506)
  • CNV Calling

    • CNV WDLs now handle BAM/CRAM index paths explicitly, as for cases where the index is not in the same path as its file (#7518)
    • gCNV in the CASE mode now fills in all hidden DenoisingModelConfig and CopyNumberCallingConfig arguments from the input model configuration (#7464)
    • Exposed number of samples used for estimating denoised copy ratios in gCNV via a new --num-samples-copy-ratio-approx argument (#7450)
  • SV Calling

    • JointGermlineCNVSegmentation: bug fixes and refactoring (#7243)
      • A number of bugs, particularly with max-clique clustering, have been fixed, as well as a parameter swap bug in JointGermlineCNVSegmentation
      • Reworks classes used by JointGermlineCNVSegmentation for SV clustering and defragmentation. The design of SVClusterEngine has been overhauled to enable the implementation of CNVDefragmenter and BinnedCNVDefragmenter subclasses. Logic for producing representative records from a collection of clustered SVs has been separated into an SVCollapser class, which provides enhanced functionality for handling genotypes for SVs more generally.
  • Notable Enhancements

    • Added a new Fragment Allele Depth (FAD) variant annotation (#7511)
      • This annotation is identical to the AD annotation except that allele support is considered per read pair, not per individual read
  • Miscellaneous Changes

    • SplitIntervals: added new tool arguments to control output file naming (#7488)
    • Fixed an issue that caused the Travis CI test suite reports to fail to be uploaded (#7525)
    • Updated Travis CI authentication information (#7521)
  • Documentation

    • Updated StrandBiasBySample documentation (#7283)
    • Updated MarkDuplicatesSpark documentation (#7191) (#7535)
    • Added a comment to ``.travis.yml` about the checkout depth (#7421)
  • Dependencies

    • Updated to GenomicsDB 1.4.2 (#7520)
    • Updated sqlite-jdbc library to a newer version to support M1 Macs (#7519)
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Docker image:

Highlights of the release:

  • The ReblockGVCF tool is now out of beta with several important improvements. This tool can be used to postprocess HaplotypeCaller GVCFs to decrease filesize.

  • FilterMutectCalls now has a --microbial-mode argument that sets filters to defaults appropriate for microbial calling

  • Important bug fixes to CalibrateDragstrModel and Funcotator

Full list of changes:

  • New Tools

    • ShiftFasta: create a fasta with the bases shifted by an offset (#6694)
  • ReblockGVCF

    • ReblockGVCF is now out of beta (#7419)
    • Improved ReblockGVCF output to eliminate overlapping reference blocks and reference gaps following trimmed deletions (#7122)
    • Fixed bugs associated with input no-call genotypes and fixed an off-by-one error at contig starts (#7404)
    • Fixed an error on ref blocks with missing DPs (if --floor-blocks arg is not provided); fixed rare cases where spanning deletion (*) allele is incorrectly modified (#7400)
  • Mutect2

    • FilterMutectCalls: added a --microbial-mode argument that sets filters to defaults appropriate for microbial calling (#6694)
  • ValidateVariants

    • Added an optional argument to check for GVCF reference blocks overlapping variants or other reference blocks (#7405)

    • Fixed a thread safety issue in CalibrateDragstrModel that could cause intermittent ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsExceptions (#7417)
    • Added documentation for ComposeSTRTableFile (#7409)
  • Funcotator

    • Fixed an issue where the Match_Norm_Seq_Allele1 and Match_Norm_Seq_Allele2 fields were not being populated in MAF output (#7422)
  • Mitochondrial pipeline

    • Removed calls to FilterNuMTs and FilterLowHetSites, which are no longer being used (#7325)
  • CNV Calling

    • Fixed a bug resulting from prefix strings of less than 3 characters when creating temporary files in GermlineCNVCaller and improved documentation of corresponding utility methods. (#7411)
  • Documentation

    • Fixed an argument name typo in the CombineGVCFs docs (#7413)
    • Fixed the wording of a comment in MultiVariantDataSource (#7388)
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Download release:
Docker image:

Highlights of the release:

  • Several important fixes to HaplotypeCaller and the new DRAGEN-GATK code introduced in GATK

  • Started laying the groundwork in Mutect2 for Mutect3, which will be more machine learning focused

  • LocalAssembler: a new tool that performs local assembly of small regions to discover structural variants (#6989)

  • Support for multi-sample segmentation in ModelSegments

  • Major speed improvements and several important fixes to Funcotator

  • A new version of the Intel Genomics Kernel Library (GKL), with many important fixes and improvements

  • A new version of GenomicsDB, with improved cloud support

  • A GATK-wide option to shard VCFs on output, which is often useful for pipelining

  • GATK support for block compressed interval (.bci) files, which is useful when working with extremely large interval lists

Full list of changes:

  • New Tools

    • LocalAssembler: a new tool that performs local assembly of small regions to discover structural variants (#6989)
  • HaplotypeCaller

    • Fixed a rare edge case in DRAGEN mode that could result in negative GQs when USE_POSTERIOR_PROBABILITIES is set (#7120)
    • Fixed a rare edge case (mainly affecting DRAGEN mode) that could cause the PL arrays to be deleted when genotyping in HaplotypeCaller (#7148)
    • Fixed a bug in the AlleleLikelihoods that could result in new evidence X being assigned arbitrary likelihoods left over from previous evidence (#7154)
    • Fixed a "Padded span must contain active span" error caused by invalid feature file intervals that weren't being checked for validity against the sequence dictionary (#7295)
    • Do not add the artificial haplotype read group to the bamout file when --bam-writer-type NO_HAPLOTYPES is specified (#7141)
    • Suppressed excessive log output related to JumboAnnotation warnings in HaplotypeCaller (#7358)

    • CalibrateDragstrModel: fixed a sporadic out-of-memory error (#7212)
    • CalibrateDragstrModel: fixed an "IllegalArgumentException: Start cannot exceed end" error (#7212)
  • Mutect2

    • Added a training data mode (--training-data-mode) to Mutect2 to prepare for Mutect3 (#7109)
      • Training data mode collects data on variant- and artifact-supporting read sets for fitting a deep learning filtering model
    • Better error bars for samples with small contamination in CalculateContamination (#7003)
  • Funcotator

    • Greatly improved Funcotator performance by optimizing the VCF sanitization code (#7370)
      • In our tests, this change appears to speed up the tool by roughly 2x
    • Updated the Gencode GTF Codec to be more permissive with transcript and gene types (#7166)
      • Now the Gencode GTF Codec no longer restricts transcriptType and geneType to a limited set of values. These fields are now each stored as a String. This allows for arbitrary values in these fields and will help to future-proof (and species-proof) the GTF parser.
      • Fixes "IndexFeatureFile Error to Run Funcotator with Mouse Ensembl GTF" (#7054)
    • Now can decode codons containing IUPAC bases into amino acids. (#7188)
    • Updated the tool to allow for protein changes with N / IUPAC bases. (#6778)
      • Added the ability to have IUPAC bases in either the ref/alt alleles OR in the reference when calculating the amino acid sequence. In this case, the code will no longer throw a user exception, but will log a warning and will produce ? amino acids in the case that they cannot be decoded from the amino acid table. Currently this will happen any time an N or IUPAC base is in the region to be coded into amino acids.
      • Added AminoAcid.UNDECODABLE as a placeholder for any unknown / undecodable amino acid (such as in the case of an ambiguous IUPAC base).
    • Funcotator now checks whether the input has already been annotated, and by default throws an error in that case.
      • We also added a --reannotate-vcf override argument to explicitly allow reannotation (#7349)
  • CNV Calling

    • Enabled multi-sample segmentation in ModelSegments (#6499)
    • Removed mapping error rate from estimate of denoised copy ratios output by gCNV, and updated sklearn. (#7261)
    • Moved gCNV sample QA check into the Postprocessing task in the WDL (#7150)
  • SV Calling

    • Added LocalAssembler, a new tool that performs local assembly of small regions to discover structural variants (#6989)
  • The Genomics Kernel Library (GKL)

    • Updated to GKL version 0.8.8, and remove the FPGA PairHMM as an option (#7203)
      • This is a significant update to the GKL that comes with many fixes and improvements:
        • Update ISAL and OTC Zlib libraries to latest version (Q1 2021)
        • Fixed 3 reproducible issues and retested out of 4 more in GKL
        • Updated build for Centos 7 and Current Mac.
        • Ran valgrind on limited C unit tests (passed)
        • Major improvements to input validation
        • Major updates to Error handling and propagation.
        • Added Negative space unit testing coverage
        • Regular Static Code Scanning
        • Good overall quality of life improvement for the software
  • GenomicsDB

    • Moved to GenomicsDB 1.4.1, and add a toggle between the GCS Connector and native GCS support (#7224)
      • This release allows for the direct use of the native GCS C++ client instead of the GCS Cloud Connector via HDFS. The GCS Cloud Connector can still be used with GenomicsDB via the ``--genomicsdb-use-gcs-hdfs-connector option`
      • Using the native client with GCS allows for GenomicsDB to use the standard paradigms to help with authentication, retries with exponential backoff, configuring credentials, etc., and also helps with performance issues with GCS. See #7070.
    • Allow specifying S3 and Azure blob storage uri's to GenomicsDB in addition to GCS and HDFS (#7271)
    • Fixes related to the GenomicsDB upgrade (#7257)
      • Fixed an issue where the combine operation for certain fields needs to take care to not remap missing fields to NON_REF
      • Fixes "Regression in GenomicsDBImport progress meter" #7222
      • Adds tests for "GenomicsDBImport Creating Workspace Where REF is Inappropriately N?" #7089
    • Improved the error message in GenomicsDBImport when failing to open a FeatureReader (#7375)
  • Mitochondrial pipeline

    • Added median coverage metric to the mitochondrial pipeline (#7253)
  • Notable Enhancements

    • Added a GATK-wide option (--max-variants-per-shard) to shard VCFs on output (#6959)
      • Sharded output is often extremely useful for pipelining
    • Added GATK support for block compressed interval (.bci) files (#7142)
    • Added an AlleleDepthPseudoCounts (DD) genotype annotation. (#7303)
      • Similar to AD, the new annotation (DD) captures the depth of each allele's supporting evidence or reads, however it does so by following a variational Bayes approach looking into the likelihoods rather than applying a fixed threshold. This turns out to be more robust in some instances.
      • To get the new non-standard annotation in HaplotypeCaller you need to add -A AllelePseudoDepth
    • We now track the source of variants in MultiVariantWalkers, which is important for some tools such as VariantEval (#7219)
  • Bug Fixes

    • Fixed key ordering bugs in the implementations of Histogram.median() and CompressedDataList.iterator() (#7131)
      • These bugs could result in incorrect RankSumTest annotations in some cases
    • Fixed the DepthPerSampleHC and StrandBiasBySample annotations to not spam the logs with "Annotation will not be calculated" warnings (#7357)
    • VariantEval: fixed contig stratification to defer to user-defined intervals (#7238)
  • Miscellaneous Changes

    • The ProgressMeter can now be completely disabled for all tools / traversals by overriding GATKTool.disableProgressMeter() (#7354)
    • We now authenticate with Dockerhub in our Travis builds, to help avoid tests failing due to quota issues (#7204) (#7256)
    • Migrated VariantEval to be a MultiVariantWalkerGroupedOnStart (#6973)
    • VariantEval: added an argument to specify the PedigreeValidationType (#7240)
    • Converted InfoFieldAnnotation/GenotypeAnnotation into interfaces. (#7041)
    • Allow MultiVariantWalkerGroupedOnStart subclasses to view/set ignoreIntervalsOutsideStart (#7301)
    • PedigreeAnnotation: consolidate code, provide getters, and allow PedigreeValidationType to be set (#7277)
    • ASEReadCounter: added a warning for variants lacking GT fields (#7326)
    • Added filters to dockstore.yml so that only the master branch and the releases get synced to Dockstore (#7217)
    • Fixed a compatibility issue between Java 11 and log4j2 (#7339)
    • We now update the gcloud package signing key at the start of every docker build (#7180)
    • Updated our Artifactory key (#7208)
    • Disabled some Spark dataproc tests because of dependency issues. (#7170)
    • Removed some embedded licenses from scripts (#7340)
  • Documentation

    • Variant annotation documentation: removed broken links to related annotations from the tool docs (#7307)
    • Updated the link to an article on Jexl expressions (#7317)
    • Fixed several broken links in docs for the CNV tools (#7309)
    • Fixed broken links in the docs for Funcotator, VariantRecalbrator, and ASEReadCounter (#7270)
    • Fixed typos in the tool documentation for HaplotypeCaller and LeftAlignAndTrimVariants (#6440)
    • Clarify pipeline inputs in documentation for GnarlyGenotyper (#7231)
  • Dependencies

    • Updated HTSJDK to version 2.24.1 (#7149)
    • Updated Picard to version 2.25.4 (#7255)
    • Updated GenomicsDB to version 1.4.1 (#7224)
    • Updated the Genomics Kernel Library (GKL) to version 0.8.8 (#7203)
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Download release:
Docker image:

Highlights of the release:

  • We've worked closely with Illumina to port a number of significant innovations for germline short variant calling from their DRAGEN pipeline to GATK. These improvements will form the basis of the upcoming open-source implementation of the DRAGEN pipeline which we're calling DRAGEN-GATK

  • A number of other fixes and improvements to HaplotypeCaller to improve the phasing of variant calls and to fix edge cases with indels and spanning deletions

  • A new pipeline for gCNV exome joint calling

Full list of changes:

  • DRAGEN-GATK (#6634) (#7063)

    • With this release we've worked closely with Illumina to make improvements to the GATK HaplotypeCaller to allow it to output germline short variant calls that are functionally equivalent to the calls made by their DRAGEN 3.4.12 pipeline. See our blog post on DRAGEN-GATK for more details on these improvements. A full DRAGEN-GATK pipeline that leverages these new features will be released in the near future as a WDL workflow script in the WARP repo on GitHub as well as a featured workspace in Terra.
    • Below is a summary of the improvements we've ported from DRAGEN in this release. We recommend that most users wait until the complete DRAGEN-GATK pipeline is released as a WDL workflow before evaluating these features, though advanced users comfortable with building their own pipelines are welcome to try them out now:
      • DragSTR: a port of DRAGEN's model for STRs (Short Tandem Repeats) that adjusts HMM indel priors based on empirical reference contexts for better indel calling.
        • Using DragSTR involves running two new tools prior to the HaplotypeCaller:
          • ComposeSTRTableFile: scans a reference for STR sites and outputs a table file with a subsample of the available STR sites across the genome.
          • CalibrateDragstrModel: given the STR table for a reference produced by ComposeSTRTableFile and the reads for a specific sample, generates a model for potential sequencing errors for STR sites of various sizes for that sample.
        • After running these tools, you then run HaplotypeCaller with the --dragstr-params-path argument to pass it the DragSTR model generated by CalibrateDragstrModel.
      • BQD (Base Quality Dropout) and FRD (Foreign Read Detection): two new genotyper error models ported from DRAGEN
        • The Base Quality Dropout (BQD) model penalizes variants with low average base quality scores and high average sequencing cycle counts among genotyped reads and reads that were otherwise excluded from the genotyper to model read-context dependent sequencing errors.
        • The Foreign Read Detection (FRD) model uses an adjusted mapping quality score as well as read strandedness information to penalize reads that are likely to have originated from somewhere else on the genome or from contamination.
        • To activate the BQD and FRD models, run HaplotypeCaller with the --dragen-mode argument.
      • Added a new variant QUAL score model that reports the variant QUAL score as the posterior of the reference genotype based on the sample-dependent DRAGEN STR and flat SNP priors.
  • HaplotypeCaller

    • We now add physical phasing information (PGT/PID/PS attributes) to genotypes with spanning deletion alleles (#6937)
    • Fixed two phasing bugs (#7019)
      • Fixed "HaplotypeCaller emitting incorrect phasing when genotyping hom-het-het" (#6463)
      • Fixed "Phased variants do not have the same phase set identifier" (#6845)
    • Fixed quality score calculation for sites with spanning deletions (#6859)
      • This fixes a bug in the AlleleFrequencyCalculator that was causing quality to be overestimated for sites with * alleles representing spanning deletions.
    • Added the ability for indels to be recovered from dangling heads in the assembly graph, and a new --num-matching-bases-in-dangling-end-to-recover argument for filtering dangling ends (#6113) (#7086)
    • Improved handling of indels/spanning deletions in the cigar base quality adjustment code. (#6886)
      • This aims to better handle the edge cases that come up when mates have mismatching numbers of bases at the start or end of the reads relative to each-other.
    • Fixed a bug where overlapping reads in subsequent assembly regions could have invalid base qualities (#6943)
    • Convert non-ACGT IUPAC bases to N in HaplotypeCaller prior to assembly to prevent a crash (#6868)
    • Renamed the --mapping-quality-threshold argument to --mapping-quality-threshold-for-genotyping, and updated its documentation to be less confusing (#7036)
    • Added an option for HaplotypeCaller and Mutect2 to produce a bamout without artificial haplotypes (#6991)
    • Updated the --debug-graph-transformations argument to emit the assembly graph both before and after chain pruning (#7049)
  • Mutect2

    • Fixed the --dont-use-soft-clipped-bases argument in Mutect2 to actually work as intended (#6823)
      • Due to a bug, this option did nothing because a copy of the original reads was modified. By deleting the unnecessary mapping quality filtering (this is totally redundant with the M2 read filter), we finalize (and thereby discard soft clips if requested) an assembly region made from the original reads, not a copy.
    • Fixed a bug in the Mutect2 engine active region code that could affect the ability to call tumor alts when the normal has a different alt at the same site (#6908)
    • Removed an obsolete cram to bam conversion step in the Mutect2 WDL (#6970)
    • Updated the Mutect2 whitepaper in docs/mutect/mutect.pdf to accurately reflect current filter names, and updated the section on FilterAlignmentArtifacts (#6967)
  • CNV Calling

    • A new pipeline for gCNV exome joint calling (#6554)
      • Added a new tool (JointGermlineCNVSegmentation) and associated workflow (scripts/cnv_wdl/germline/joint_call_exome_cnvs.wdl) to combine gCNV segments and calls across samples
      • JointGermlineCNVSegmentation segments and genotypes CNV calls from the germline CNV pipeline jointly across multiple samples.
      • The workflow in scripts/cnv_wdl/germline/joint_call_exome_cnvs.wdl produces a joint, multi-sample genotyped VCF.
      • For whole genomes, we recommend CNVs as part of a full SV callset with (soon to be added to Terra)
    • GermlineCNVCaller now restarts inference once with a new random seed when inference diverges. Also added a new entry point to PythonScriptExecutor that returnes ProcessOutput. (#6866)
      • This is intended to alleviate transient issues with GermlineCNVCaller inference in which the ELBO converges to a NaN value, by calling the python gCNV code with an updated random seed input.
    • CreateReadCountPanelOfNormals: fixed a bug in the logic for filtering zero-coverage samples and intervals (#6624)
    • FilterIntervals: fixed a bug in the tool logic when filtering on annotations and -XL is used to exclude intervals (#7046)
  • SV Calling

    • PrintSVEvidence: a new tool that prints any of the Structural Variation evidence file types: read count (RD), discordant pair (PE), split-read (SR), or B-allele frequency (BAF) (#7026)
      • This tool is used frequently in the GATK-SV pipeline for retrieving subsets of evidence records from a bucket over specific intervals. Evidence file formats comply with the current specifications in the existing GATK-SV pipeline.
  • GenomicsDB

    • Introduced a new feature for GenomicsDBImport that allows merging multiple contigs into fewer GenomicsDB partitions (#6681)
      • Controlled via the new --merge-contigs-into-num-partitions argument to GenomicsDBImport
      • This should produce a huge performance boost in cases where users have a very large number of contigs. Prior to this change, GenomicsDB would create a separate folder/partition for each contig, which slowed down import to a crawl when there were many contigs.
  • Funcotator

    • Added sorting by strand order for transcript subcomponents (#7065)
      • This fixes an issue where the coding sequence, protein prediction, and other annotations could be incorrect for the hg19 version of Gencode, due to the individual elements of each transcript appearing in numerical order, rather than the order in which they appear in the transcript at transcription time.
    • Updated the Funcotator tutorial link in the tool documentation. (#6920) (#6925)
  • Mitochondrial pipeline

    • Simplified the max_reads_per_alignment_start argument in mitochondria_m2_wdl/AlignAndCall.wdl (#6904)
    • Remove the unused "autosomal_coverage" parameter from the Filter task in mitochondria_m2_wdl/AlignAndCall.wdl (#6888)
  • Notable Enhancements

    • Add a -O option to save the output to a file in the following tools: FlagStat, CountBases, CountReads, CountVariants, and CountBasesInReference (#7072)
    • DepthOfCoverage: added a new gene_statistics output file (#7025)
    • ReblockGVCF: allow reblocking with no PLs (#6757)
  • Bug Fixes

    • Fixed a ClosedChannelException error when doing multiple queries on remote CRAM files, and added a test to verify proper stream management (#7066)
    • SelectVariants: Fixed an issue where SelectVariants could generate duplicate VCF header lines in some circumstances, resulting in an invalid VCF (#7069)
    • VariantAnnotator: fixed a NullPointerException by adding a validation check that all samples in the input bam are present in the provided vcf before running (#6944)
    • SplitNCigarReads: fixed an error where the read mate key was not sufficiently strict about read names, causing cigar errors (#6909)
    • CalculateGenotypePosteriors: ensure that resources have the same sequence dictionary as the input VCF (#6430)
    • MarkDuplicatesSpark: fixed a NullPointerException when a null ReadNameRegex was provided (#7002)
    • GnarlyGenotyper: bugfix for the QUALapprox calculation, tolerate missing VarDP, and support AS_QUALapprox if QUALapprox is missing (#7061)
    • Fixed the GATK version number in the docker image when doing releases to not end in "-SNAPSHOT" (#6883)
  • Miscellaneous Changes

    • Switched GATK to the Apache 2.0 license (#7079)
    • We now print the current Spark version on GATK startup (#7028)
    • Added a log warning message when the total size of the PL arrays for a variant will likely exceed 100,000 (#6334)
    • Added a script to publish GATK tool WDLs for each release (#6980)
    • Migrated the GATKPath base class to HtsPath (#6763)
    • Migrate additional tools to GATKPath (#6718)
    • Made BaseUtils.convertIUPACtoN() and BaseUtils.simpleBaseToBaseIndex() methods more robust to handle all possible byte values (#7010)
    • Enabled CARROT integration for triggering test runs from PR comments (#6917) (#6986)
    • Added loci information to several annotation warnings (#6891)
    • VariantRecalibrator: added locus information to a ref allele mismatch error message (#6964)
    • ReferenceConfidenceVariantContextMerger: corrected AS annotation warning message to use GATK4 annotation names (#6985)
    • Made the CNNScoreVariants task in cnn_variant_wdl/cnn_variant_common_tasks.wdl robust to the reads and index being in different locations. (#6900)
    • Updated gcloud docker commands in (#7078)
    • Added version number to the dockstore yml file (#6905)
    • Switched travis gcloud installation to use noninteractive mode (#6974)
    • Deleted the obsolete tool FixCallSetSampleOrdering (#7022)
    • Echo the log file after a failed travis run. (#7020)
    • Temporarily disable the PairHMMUnitTest on Java 11. (#7044)
    • Pin our h5py version to 2.10.0. (#6955)
  • Documentation

    • Added a link to the new gatk-tool-wdls repository to the README (#6982)
    • Updated JEXL documentation website link in SelectVariants and VariantFiltration (#7029)
    • Updated the ApplyVQSR docs to consistently use the GATK4 tool name: ApplyRecalibration -> ApplyVQSR
    • Modified the README to reflect the current download size for Git LFS files (#6933)
    • Fixed a typo in the conda environment YML documentation. (#6935)
    • Removed reference to -Dtest.single from the README (#6914)
    • Fixed a typo in a javadoc comment in HaplotypeCallerEngine (#7033)
  • Dependencies

    • Updated HTSJDK to 2.24.0 (#7073)
    • Updated Picard to 2.25.0 (#7075)
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Download release:
Docker image:

Highlights of the release:

  • A major update to Funcotator, bringing in the latest Gencode release, fixing compatibility issues with dbSNP, and more!

  • Two new tools, GeneExpressionEvaluation and ReferenceBlockConcordance

  • Significant performance improvements to DepthOfCoverage and SelectVariants

  • Some important bug fixes:

    • Fixed a bug in HaplotypeCaller and Mutect2 where we were losing insertion events that immediately followed a deletion
    • A fix for the "CreateSomaticPanelOfNormals output PoN has much less variants in than before" issue reported in #6744
    • A fix for a frequently-encountered NullPointerException in the AS_StrandBiasTest annotation when running CombineGVCFs reported in #6766

Full list of changes:

  • New Tools

    • GeneExpressionEvaluation: a tool for evaluating gene expression from RNA-seq reads aligned to whole genome (#6602)

      • This tool counts fragments to evaluate gene expression from RNA-seq reads aligned to the genome. Features to evaluate expression over are defined in an input annotation file in gff3 fomat. Output is a tsv listing sense and antisense expression for all stranded grouping features, and expression (labeled as sense) for all unstranded grouping features.
    • ReferenceBlockConcordance: a new tool to evaluate concordance of reference blocks in GVCF files (#6802)

      • This tool compares the reference blocks of two GVCF files against each other and produces three histograms:
        • Truth block histogram: Indicates the number of occurrences of reference blocks with a given confidence score and length in the truth GVCF
        • Eval block histogram: Indicates the number of occurrences of reference blocks with a given confidence score and length in the eval GVCF
        • Confidence concordance histogram: Reflects the confidence scores of bases in reference blocks in the truth and eval VCF, respectively. An entry of 10 at bin "80,90" means that there are 10 bases which simultaneously have a reference confidence of 80 in the truth GVCF and a reference confidence of 90 in the eval GVCF.
  • HaplotypeCaller/Mutect2

    • Fixed a bug in HaplotypeCaller and Mutect2 where we were losing insertion events that immediately followed a deletion (#6696)
    • Added a workaround for an issue with multiallelics in the CreateSomaticPanelOfNormals pipeline (#6871)
      • This fixes the "CreateSomaticPanelOfNormals output PoN has much less variants in than before" issue reported in #6744
    • Made improvements to the Mutect2 active region detection code that resulted in recovering some low-AF calls that we were missing (#6821)
    • Made the HaplotypeCaller/Mutect2 adaptive pruner smarter in complex graphs, resulting in modest improvements to indel sensitivity when using the adaptive pruning option (#6520)
    • Fixed a bug in variation event detection code that could sometimes lead to mistreating indel assembly windows as SNP assembly windows (#6661)
    • Fixed a bug in FragmentUtils where insertion quals were used instead of deletion quals when adjusting base qualities for two overlapping reads from the same fragment (#6815)
    • Fixed a concurrent modification exception error for local runs of HaplotypeCallerSpark (#6741)
    • Marked the --linked-de-bruijn-graph argument as Advanced rather than Hidden (#6737)
    • Made a small tweak to Mutect2's callable sites count (#6791)
    • Added a "requester pays" option to Mutect2 WDL tasks that access bams for use with Google Cloud "requester pays" buckets (#6879)
  • Funcotator

    • A major set of updates to Funcotator (#6660)
      • Updated to the latest Gencode release
      • Fixed the contig naming compatibility issue with dbSNP reported in #6564 ("hg38 dbSNP has incorrect contig names")
      • Now both hg19 and hg38 have the contig names translated to "chr__"
      • Added 'lncRNA' to GeneTranscriptType.
      • Added "TAGENE" gene tag.
      • Added the MANE_SELECT tag to FeatureTag.
      • Added the STOP_CODON_READTHROUGH tag to FeatureTag.
      • Updated the GTF versions that are parseable.
      • Fixed a parsing error with new versions of gencode and the remap positions (for liftover files).
      • Added test for indexing new lifted over gencode GTF.
      • Added Gencode_34 entries to MAF output map.
      • Pointed data source downloader at new data sources URL.
      • Minor updates to workflows to point at new data sources.
      • Updated retrieval scripts for dbSNP and Gencode.
      • Added required field to gencode config file generation.
      • Now gencode retrieval script enforces double hash comments at top of gencode GTF files.
      • Fixed an erroneous trailing tab in MAF file output reported in #6693
    • Added a maximum version number for data sources in Funcotator (#6807)
    • Added a "requester pays" option to the Funcotator WDL for use with Google Cloud "requester pays" buckets (#6874)
    • FuncotateSegments: fixed an issue with the default value of --alias-to-key-mapping being set to an immutable value (#6700)
  • GenomicsDB

    • Updated to GenomicsDB Version 1.3.2, which brings better propagation of errors messages from the GenomicsDB library (#6852)
      • Using the GATK option GATK_STACKTRACE_ON_USER_EXCEPTION will now also output a limited C/C++ stacktrace
  • CNV Tools

    • Fixed a bug in the KernelSegmenter: the minimal data to calculate the segmentation cost should be 2 * windowSize, rather than windowSize (#6835)
    • Germline CNV WDL improvements for WGS (#6607)
      • Modified gCNV WDLs to improve Cromwell performance when running on a large number of intervals, as in WGS
      • Added optional disabled_read_filters input to CollectCounts
      • Enabled GCS streaming for CollectCounts and CollectAllelicCounts
    • Added a "requester pays" option to the germline and somatic CNV WDLs for use with Google Cloud "requester pays" buckets (#6870)
  • Mitochondrial Pipeline

    • Fix to correctly handle spaces in sample names in the Mitochondria WDL (#6773)
    • Exposed a max_reads_per_alignment_start argument in the Mitochondria WDL (#6739)
    • Updated the HaploChecker Dockerfile to reflect the correct haplocheck CLI (#6867)
  • Notable Enhancements

    • Significantly improved the performance of DepthOfCoverage by removing slow string formatting calls (#6740)
      • In a test run with default arguments locally the runtime for a WGS full chr15 drops from ~8.9 minutes to ~4.7 minutes after this patch
    • Significantly improved the performance of SelectVariants with large numbers of samples by changing an operation to scale linearly instead of quadratically with the number of samples (#6729)
      • On one example with several thousand samples there was a speed up from ~5 minutes to 0.1 minutes
    • WDL generation: made several improvements to automatic WDL generation, annotated additional tools for WDL generation, and added a section to the README with instructions on generating WDLs for GATK tools (#6800)
    • Added a suite of utility methods for working with Google BigQuery: BigQueryUtils (#6759) (#6861)
    • The GATK docker image can now be built with a simple docker build . command (no extra arguments needed) (#6764) (#6842) (#6782)
    • Added a Dockstore yml file with workflow descriptions for the WDLs in the GATK repo, to facilitate automatic publication to Dockstore (#6770)
  • Bug Fixes

    • Fixed a NullPointerException in the AS_StrandBiasTest annotation reported in #6766 (#6847)
    • Fixed a bug with soft clips in LeftAlignIndels (#6792)
    • VariantRecalibrator: uniquify annotations to fix the error reported in #2221 (#6723)
    • Fixed an issue where ContextCovariate in BaseRecalibrator mistakenly assumed that all non-ACGT bases in the read are N (#6625)
    • Fixed a crash in CountBasesSpark when using the -L option (#6767)
  • Miscellaneous Changes

    • Significant refactoring of the SV discovery classes (#6652)
    • FilterVariantTranches: report more info when the ref alleles don't match (#6723)
    • We now report the target url in exceptions thrown by HtsgetReader (#6799)
    • Added more information to error messages in AssemblyRegion for contigs not in the reference dictionary (#6781)
    • Improved an error message in GATKRead.setMatePosition() (#6779)
    • Updated the Barclay WDL template for compatibility with the Debian distribution (#6841)
    • Temporarily disabled HtsgetReader tests to work around issues caused by a server-side upgrade. (#6804)
    • Re-enabled an IndexFeatureFile test for uncompressed BCF. (#6716)
  • Documentation

    • Marked LearnReadOrientationModel as a DocumentedFeature (#6726)
    • Added a gentle warning about loss of True Positives with the default FilterIntervals params (#6751)
    • Updated the README to mention that the conda environment is not officially supported on macOS at this time. (#6788)
    • Fixed a typo in the example command for SplitIntervals (#6869)
    • Fixed a typo in the --tmp-dir argument in the GenomicsDBImport docs (#6785)
    • Fixed a typo in the --tmp-dir argument in the GenotypeGVCFs docs (#6784)
    • Removed outdated argument references from the DepthOfCoverage documentation. (#6810)
    • Fixed a typo with "-genelist" argument to "-gene-list" in the DepthOfCoverage documentation. (#6880)
    • Fixed a typo in the docs for the Mutect2 --pcr-indel-qual argument (#6840)
  • Dependencies

    • Upgraded Picard to 2.23.3 (#6717)
    • Upgraded Barclay to 4.0.1. (#6864)
    • Updated GenomicsDB to 1.3.2 (#6852)
    • Added a new dependency on Google BigQuery 1.117.1 (#6759)