Highlights trailing whitespace in red and provides :FixWhitespace to fix it.
Latest commit 733fb64 Mar 28, 2016 @bronson Revert "Make ShouldMatchWhitespace() script-local function"
This reverts commit 1b7f4dc.

Sounds like at least one other plugin is using ShouldMatchWhitespace.



This plugin causes all trailing whitespace to be highlighted in red.

To fix the whitespace errors, just call :FixWhitespace.  By default it
operates on the entire file.  Pass a range (or use V to select some lines)
to restrict the portion of the file that gets fixed.

The repo is at http://github.com/bronson/vim-trailing-whitespace

Originally based on http://vim.wikia.com/wiki/Highlight_unwanted_spaces

An more complete alternative is at https://github.com/ntpeters/vim-better-whitespace