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  1. Clone this repo wherever you'd like to keep your vimrc files. I keep mine in a folder called ~/.dotfiles along with a bunch of other stuff.

    git clone git:// ~/.dotfiles/vimrc
  2. Change directories to the vimrc folder.

    cd ~/.dotfiles/vimrc
  3. Run the install script, telling it where you have install the vimrc folder

    ./ ~/.dotfiles/vimrc


These are the plugins I am currently using, with some justification and some quick tips on how I most commonly use them. This list isn't entirely complete.

Package manager

I'm using Vundle to install and manage all of these plugins

Language syntax plugins

  • css-color - Colorize hex colors and color words in CSS
  • less - LESS highlighter
  • emmet - HTML5 authoring helper
  • javascript - Best JS syntax plugin
  • json - JSON highlighting with keyword/value color differences
  • markdown - Force .md files to open as Markdown
  • php - Enhanced PHP syntax
  • python - Best Python helpers
  • processing - Enhanced Processing syntax
  • puppet - I use this to managing Boxen manifests, written in Puppet
  • spacebars - Syntax for MeteorJS' handlebars template variant
  • mustache - Mustache templates highliting
  • tcl - Tcl syntax for expect scripting

Functional plugins

command-p - Quick and intuitive tool to open files quickly.
  • <leader>t - Search files from cwd
  • <leader>b - Search files from current buffers

Once you have a file highlighted, use CTRL + v to open it in a vertical split, and use CTRL + s to open it in a horizontal split.

delimitMate - Quote and bracket auto-completion. Best plugin. Doesn't break undo/redo.
diminactive - Dim splits when they aren't being used. Makes it easier for find active cursor.
easymotion - Magically jump around the page
  • <leader\>\<leader\>w - Jump to a specific word
  • <leader\>\<leader\>t - Jump to a specific character
exchange - Quickly swap chunks of text.
  • "To exchange two words, place your cursor on the first word and type cxiw. Then move to the second word and type cxiw again."
expand-region - Expand selection regions smartly.
  • vvv - replaces a bunch of vit, viw, vi', vi" operations.
fugitive - Git wrapper. I don't use this enough.
  • :Gblame - Who did what?
  • :Gcommit - Commit your changes
  • :Gdiff - See what's different from the git index
HowMuch - Vim calculator.
  • Select figures to calculate, <leader>?= or <leader>?r. =, will add the result after the selection. r will replace the selection with the result.
indent-guides - Visually highlight indentation levels

Disabled by default. Enable with :IndentGuidesEnable

nerdcommenter - Commenting helper.
  • <leader>c<space> - Comment out the current line or text selected in visual mode.
  • <leader>cm - Comment out the selection using only one surrounding comment tag
nerdtree - File tree explorer in a sidebar.
  • <leader>n - Load NERDTree
powerline - Powerful status line at the footer of the Vim window
signature - Show marks in the Vim gutter
  • :ma {a-z} - Set a mark
  • '{a-z} - Jump to a mark
snippets - Some useful snippets of code for ultisnips. This is the library of code, not the actual snippets manager.
surround - Tim Pope's essential plugin for surrounding things with things
syntastic - Syntax checking.
tagbar - Display tags in a sidebar. Improvement on taglist.
  • <leader>g - Open the tag sidebar
translator - Translate selected text using Google Translate. Useful for lorem ipsum with dual languages.
ultisnips - Best snippets manager.
  • Ctrl + j to expand snippet after you select it from the YouCompleteMe dropdown
yankring - Browse the paste buffer
  • <leader>y - Open a sidebar, showing the paste buffer
YouCompleteMe - Code completion.


gitgutter - Highlight Git changes in the Vim gutter

I'd love to be able to use this again, but it causes some very slow load times, so I've removed it.


A curated list of leaders and other custom shortcuts provided as part of my custom vimrc and by the enabled plugins.


  • <leader>c - Toggle ignorecase
  • <leader>cd - Change to the directory of the current file
  • <leader>e - Edit this vimrc
  • <leader>s - Toggle spell checking
  • <leader>w - Write
  • <leader>z - Start a find/replace with the selected 'text'
  • <leader><leader>] - Jump to the next QuickFix error
  • <leader><leader>\[ - Jump to the previous QuickFix error
  • <leader><cr> - Clear search highlight

Commonly forgotten shortcuts

  • csw" - Put " around a word
  • cs"' - Change those " to '
  • ds' - Remove those '
  • VS# - Wrap a visual selection in #
  • za - Toggle a fold open/closed
  • zi - Turn folding on and off
  • ZM - Close all folds
  • zMzv - Close all folds, open the current line fold
  • zR - Open all folds
  • ]s - Next misspelled word



cn > CTRL + j = console('') con > CTRL + j = console('var', var)