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Visuallize your bundle
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Rollup Plugin Visualizer

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Visualize and analyze your Rollup bundle to see which modules are taking up space.




npm install --save-dev rollup-plugin-visualizer

or via yarn:

yarn add --dev rollup-plugin-visualizer


import visualizer from 'rollup-plugin-visualizer';

plugins: [


filename (string, default stats.html) - name of the file with diagram to generate

title (string, default Rollup Visualizer) - title tag value

sourcemap (boolean, default false) - Use sourcemaps to calculate sizes (e.g. after UglifyJs)

open (boolean, default false) - Open generated file in default user agent

template (string, default sunburst) - Which digram type to use: sunburst, treemap, circlepacking, network (very early stage, feedback welcomed)

bundlesRelative (boolean, default false) - Combine all bundles to one diagram

Build plugin

For development if you need to build plugin, just exec:

yarn run build

Disclaimer about generated files

Generated files does not and never will be contain your source code (contents of files). They can contains only js/html/css code required to build chart (plugin code) and statistical information about your source code. This statistical information can contain:

  • byte size of files included in bundled
  • size of files included in source map
  • file's path
  • files hierarchy (fs tree for your files)


v1 -> v2: For v2 was a lot of internal changes, but external interface has not changed.


Initially this plugin was based on webpack-visualizer, but in the end used only styles and layout. Thanks to the tons of people around internet for great examples of d3 usage. Also i would like to thank you Mike Bostock for awesome D3, and tons of examples.

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