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  Image Optimizer CLI client

CLI client for the Image Optimization API

What is ?

Use Image Optimizer for FREE to optimize your pictures file sizes. Improve your performances by using, the 10+ billion images API optimizer. Image Optimizer allows you to use free Image optimization based on API. provides image size reduction based on several advanced algorithms. The API accept JPG, PNG and GIF files up to 5MB.

What is this tool ?

This tool allow you to perform a powerful optimization of one or multiple pictures using a bash (command line) script based on the API.

Getting Started

This tool can optimize one or several pictures. The recursive option is not yet implemented.

  1. Download the tool using this command wget | bash ./
  2. Make the file executable using the following command : chmod +x
  3. Run the optimizer by typing command ./ myfile.jpg


This will require to be executed on a Linux based Operating System (Linux or MacOS). The following packages must be installed on the system

Install on your system

If you're using a Linux system (Debian, CentOS...) you can install after cloning from the GIT repo by typing the following command as root user (or using sudo) :

  • mv /usr/bin/resmushit;chmod +x /usr/bin/resmushit

Your CLI optimizer will be available everywhere on your server/computer by typing resmushit

Usage example

Replace in the examples below resmushit by ./ if you haven't installed the optimizer globally on your machine.

Optimize a picture and create a new optimized picture file

resmushit mypicture.jpg

The optimized file will be named mypicture-optimized.jpg

Optimize a picture and replace the original file

resmushit mypicture.jpg --preserve-filename

Optimize a picture and set a optimization factor

resmushit -q 92 mypicture.jpg

Optimize multiple pictures and export them into a folder

resmushit --output myexportdirectory/ *

**Optimize a folder recursively **

resmushit myfolder -r resmushit /path/to/folder -r resmushit * -r

Optimize a picture and preserve its EXIF data

resmushit mypicture.jpg --preserve-exif


  • -h or --help : display the help menu
  • -v or --version : display the current version of reSmushit CLI client
  • -q <quality> or --quality <quality> : specify the quality factor between 0 and 100 (default is 92).
  • -o <directory> or --output <directory> : specify an output directory (will be created if not present)
  • -r or --recursive : execute the optimization to the folder specified recusively
  • --preserve-filename : avoid to add -optimized in the filename when the image is optimized
  • --preserve-exif : will preserve EXIF data in the file after optimization
  • --notime : avoid to display timer in output
  • --quiet : run in quiet mode
  • --update : perform an auto-upgrade process


All bugs should be reported to :


  • Add "preserve filename" option
  • Add EXIF preservation option
  • Add progress bar mode
  • Add support of recursive optimization
  • Add an installer mode
  • Add an auto-update method based on Git repo
  • Avoid sending to API if file is > 5MB


We use SemVer for versioning. For the versions available, see the tags on this repository.



This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the file for details

Support us on our new platform

Support us through Ko-Fi !



v1.1.1 (build 20210501)

  • Avoid errors if SSL certificate is down
  • Add user agent in requests

v1.1.0 (build 20201115)

  • Add recursive mode for complete folder optimization

v1.0.9 (build 20200216)

  • Add an installer mode

v1.0.8 (build 20190122)

  • Fix an issue for filenames with spaces
  • Better check for the update temporary file writeability

v1.0.7 (build 20181222)

  • Better update check and upgrade minor fix

v1.0.6 (build 20181222)

  • Check if file is > 5MB before sending it to the API

v1.0.5 (build 20180819)

  • Minor update bugfix

v1.0.4 (build 20180819)

  • Add an update verification
  • Add an auto-upgrade process

v1.0.3 (build 20180818)

  • Adding EXIF preservation support
  • Add a verification is file specified exists
  • Correction for the filename non-preservation by default

v1.0.2 (build 20180813)

  • Add a "preserve-filename" option
  • Preserve original filename when exporting in another directory

v1.0.1 (build 20180812)

  • Minor correction, unused variable, filename correction

v1.0.0 (build 20180812)

  • Initial version of the tool
  • Support 1 or multiple file optimization.
  • Avoid downloading picture if not optimized
  • No recursive mode implemented yet
  • Auto-exclude files which aren't supported


CLI client for : the Free Image Optimization API. Image optimizer shell script.








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