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Chart.js on Slack

Simple HTML5 Charts using the canvas element


You can download the latest version of Chart.js from the GitHub releases or use a Chart.js CDN.

To install via npm:

npm install chart.js --save

To install via bower:

bower install chart.js --save

Selecting the Correct Build

Chart.js provides two different builds that are available for your use. The Chart.js and Chart.min.js files include Chart.js and the accompanying color parsing library. If this version is used and you require the use of the time axis, Moment.js will need to be included before Chart.js.

The Chart.bundle.js and Chart.bundle.min.js builds include Moment.js in a single file. This version should be used if you require time axes and want a single file to include, select this version. Do not use this build if your application already includes Moment.js. If you do, Moment.js will be included twice, increasing the page load time and potentially introducing version issues.


You can find documentation at The markdown files that build the site are available under /docs. Previous version documentation is available at


Before submitting an issue or a pull request to the project, please take a moment to look over the contributing guidelines first.

For support using Chart.js, please post questions with the chartjs tag on Stack Overflow.

Building and Testing

To build, run gulp build.

To test, run gulp test.

To test against code standards, run gulp lint.

More information on building and testing can be found in gulpfile.js.

Thanks to BrowserStack for allowing our team to test on thousands of browsers.


Chart.js is available under the MIT license.