portable version of OpenBSD's cwm(1) window manager
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* refs/heads/master: (34 commits)
  Make it clear these are flags.
  Remove duplicate check that strsubmatch() already does; while here, fix a comment.
  Sprinkle __func__ in appropriate error messages.
  Get rid of 'matchname'; it's too surprising to have the menu change during client search as different potential str matches are cycled through. If there's interest, the only string that doesn't exist in the listing is the window's class - that can be added of course, but it makes the line too long imho.
  clean up search_match_client(); no behaviour change
  Refactor callbacks to take a void * so as to not try and generalize into client_ctx in keypress and buttonpress event handlers; pass appropriate *ctx's based on context.
  remove another unused proto
  Rename 2 kbfunc to match closer to what they do
  Add an argument to the callbacks to pass the xevent context, button or key press. This allows to remove a few hacks to duplicate functions only for behaviour changes; now differing behaviours are pushed down to the callback. Also will allow for previously unavailable actions to be bind-able down the road.
  Check the ptr bounds in the new client during cycling, since not all actions do ptrsave, such as restoring client geometry; adapted from a diff by Vadim Vygonets.
  More accurate to say 'toggle', rather than 'select', for group[n]/nogroup.
  Add CM-a for 'nogroup' (CM-0 stays for now); update manpage to reflect.
  Stash wmname into conf.
  When removing xrandr regions, ensure clients are within the bounds of the screen; adapted from an ancient diff from Sviatoslav Chagaev. Things in this area will likely change, but put this in so it works now and serves as a reminder.
  Calculate client nameqlen in client_setname(), the only place it's needed/used.
  Turn CALMWM_NGROUPS define into variable, ngroups.
  Start simplifying menu code; and in turn, remove a cursor no longer needed.
  Defaults are split between defines and conf_init(); normalize these, as well as give 'sticky' groups its own variable.
  For both kb and mouse move, it is possible to grab a client and move it completely off the screen/region; instead, if the pointer is outside of the client bounds, warp the pointer to the closest edge before moving.
  client_ptrwarp should not deal with unhiding or raising clients (non ptr requests); most callers do this already - deal with the few that do not. client_ptrwarp becomes a simple wrapper (setpos) but it will be expanded.


This is a port of OpenBSD's excellent cwm[0] to Linux and other

    cwm is a window manager for X11 which contains many features that
    concentrate on the efficiency and transparency of window
    management.  cwm also aims to maintain the simplest and most
    pleasant aesthetic.

This port requires pkg-config, Xft, Xinerama and Xrandr.  The included Makefile
should work with both GNU make and BSD make.  It has been built successfully on
OpenBSD, FreeBSD, NetBSD, OS X 10.9 and Linux.

This version actively tracks changes in the OpenBSD CVS repository.
Releases are roughly coordinated.

The revision controlled version is at https://github.com/chneukirchen/cwm
Releases can be found at http://chneukirchen.org/releases

You are welcome to join the IRC channel ##cwm on Freenode to talk about cwm.


2012-05-02: First public release 5.1 of portable cwm.

2014-04-13: Second public release 5.5 of portable cwm.

User visible changes (for a full list including smaller bug fixes, see
http://www.openbsd.org/plus.html ff.)

Changes made between OpenBSD 5.1 and 5.2
* Fixed cwm(1) atom (WM_PROTOCOLS) style handing; closing a window will no
  longer close entire application if the client supports CLIENT_PROTO_DELETE.
* Re-implement atom handing for more consistent separation of cwm(1) and
  Extended Window Manager Hints.
* cwm(1) better integrated into the freedesktop.org Window Manager
  Specification Project.

Changes made between OpenBSD 5.2 and 5.3
* Set the initial cwm(1) group to "1".
* Added cwm(1) per-group vert/horiz tiling support with new bind commands
  "vtile" and "htile."
* Made cwm(1) screen font an Xft(3) font.
* Specific last match for autogroup in cwmrc(5).
* Tab completion support for cwm(1) menus.
* Allow cwm(1) clients to be resized from a max state.
* Multibyte input to cwm(1) menu code now possible.

Changes made between OpenBSD 5.3 and 5.4
* Added support for mouse based group {,r}cycle to cwmrc(5).
* Allow mouse button4 and button5 in cwmrc(5).
* Made cwm(1) check for, and honour, CWStackMode and CWSibling change requests
  during a ConfigureRequest event.
* Honour PATH search order for cwm(1)'s exec.

Changes made between OpenBSD 5.5 and 5.4
* Only set the cwm(1) urgency flag if the client is not active.
* Allow the cwm(1) config parser continue parsing even after encountering an
* cwm(1) now follows the EWMH spec: if the cardinal returned is 0xFFFFFFFF (-1)
  then the window should appear on all desktops.
* Made cwm(1) supply a more useful title for windows launched via the ssh(1)
  command menu ("[ssh] ").
* Allowed cwm(1) to accept _NET_WM_DESKTOP and _NET_CURRENT_DESKTOP
* Implemented cwm(1) support for _NET_WM_STATE_FULLSCREEN hint, with keybinding
  changes: CM-f "fullscreen", CM-m "maximize".
* Instead of using the work area, use the Xinerama area for cwm(1) snap
* Save-set when cwm(1) is re-exec'ing so as to not lose State on our hidden
* Added cwmrc(5) support for XUrgency and matching
  _NET_WM_STATE_DEMANDS_ATTENTION ewmh hint, with configurable urgencyborder.
* Prepend the group shortcut in the cwm(1) client search menu;
  prepend shortcut in unhide menu.
* If not hidden during an UnmapNotify event, cwm(1) will now un-manage the
* Like "gap", made cwm(1) "snapdist" per-screen.
* Removed cwmrc(5) option to bind a key by keycode with brackets, which never
  worked. Users should be using keysym names not keycodes.
* Re-added cwm(1) support for WM_TAKE_FOCUS. Solves keyboard input focus loss
  for java apps.
* For cwm(1) clients that support WM_TAKE_FOCUS in their WM_PROTOCOLS property,
  send a ClientMessage event.

2015-01-24: Third public release 5.6 of portable cwm.

* Support building on FreeBSD and OS X.
* Support for sticky windows (_NET_WM_STATE_STICKY).
* Internal cleanups and bug fixes.

--Christian Neukirchen <chneukirchen@gmail.com>

[0]: http://cvsweb.openbsd.org/cgi-bin/cvsweb/xenocara/app/cwm/