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Pasted from CHANGES.md:

Version uploaded to SSCAIT bot name "Chris Coxe" on 7th November 2017, solely because some people wanted a more up-to-date version of ZZZKBot on SSCAIT that works on any map and works when playing as any player name. I am not intending to support/maintain/develop ZZZKBot in future and am not intending to compete in SCAIT 2017, although I haven't ruled either of them out either. This is just a release to allow people to more easily train their bots against ZZZKBot on their own environments and on SSCAIT/CIG/other maps. It is not as strong as the AIIDE 2017 or CIG 2017 versions of ZZZKBot
because the hardcoded default strategy parameter values for opponents were removed in v1.6.0. If it is used in SSCAIT 2017 or other future competitions, I doubt it will do very well because of that, and also because so few games are played in SSCAIT compared with AIIDE/CIG, so it doesn't have much opportunity to learn before or during SSCAIT 2017.

The changes in this version are that it is now fixed so it works properly on any map and when playing as any player name (thanks Jaj22!), added hardcoded creep locations for SSCAIT & CIG maps, added special logic and fixes for Plasma map (was included in CIG 2017 version), added ability to use an optional config file to tailor strategy parameter values to opponents (the file shouldn't exist by default), fixes/improvements to the buggy learning logic that was causing it to learn unnecessarily slowly, fixed a problem relating to the learning logic where the bot was getting stuck waiting forever for a sunken to be made when particular combinations of strategy parameter values were being used, minor updates to TXT file documentation (including adding old competition survey answers), converted some TXT files to MD files, added comments for map names and versions etc (incl. AIIDE, SSCAIT, CIG maps) for clarity, added some comments to explain some logic, added some old commented-out code just FTR.