HPC3 2012

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Documentation useful this week:


git tutorial documentation

cython tutorial documentation

  • Cython webpage -- cython is the newest most talked about wrapper, but only works for C/C++ to Python. Its real value is not as a wrapper, but as a Python -> C/C++ code generator. Since this involves wrapping it also serves that purpose well too.
  • C++ Cython basics

Other wrapping tools

  • ctypes -- ctypes is fragile but a simple standard that doesn't require another dependency from Python.
  • SWIG -- SWIG is a huge tool that works (mostly) automatically. Unfortunately it generates code that only a mother could love.
  • SIP -- a smaller version of SWIG only targetting C/C++ and Python.
  • PyCXX -- never used but recommended to me 2 min before tutorial.
  • Boost.Py -- good luck!

Tools for embedding snippets of C/C++ in Python

These tools accel at giving users a simple interface to creating a c functions to run over grids many times faster than allowed in Python.

  • Instant - embeds one line of C/C++ using SWIG and Distutils
  • Weave - scipy's version of Instant (beware this is completely unsupported at this point)