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* src/cljs/cljs/core.cljs: CLJS-175: js->clj should not try to conver…

…t anything but Objects.
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1 parent aef60c2 commit ebf45f5f4ecdb6032c06fcffee8c0af59fc09af1 David Nolen committed Apr 4, 2012
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6 src/cljs/cljs/core.cljs
@@ -3439,9 +3439,9 @@ reduces them without incurring seq initialization"
(seq? x) (doall (map thisfn x))
(coll? x) (into (empty x) (map thisfn x))
(goog.isArray x) (vec (map thisfn x))
- (goog.isObject x) (into {} (for [k (js-keys x)]
- [(keyfn k)
- (thisfn (aget x k))]))
+ (identical? (type x) js/Object) (into {} (for [k (js-keys x)]
+ [(keyfn k)
+ (thisfn (aget x k))]))
:else x))]
(f x)))

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