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This is a page to collect tools that use or work with tools.deps.alpha (or the clojure tools).

Project creation

  • clj-new - generate new project templates using just the clj command-line tool

Lint tool integration

  • clj-check - lein check alternative for Clojure CLI
  • cljfmt-runner — run cljfmt to find and/or fix code formatting issues

Build tool integration

  • boot-tools-deps - plugin to use deps.edn dependencies from Boot
  • lein-tools-deps - plugin to use deps.edn dependencies from Leiningen
  • shadow-cljs - ClojureScript compilation
  • depify - creates or updates a deps.edn file for existing Leiningen projects
  • meyvn - a tools.deps interface to Maven for building, packaging etc
  • garamond - post-processes generated pom.xml files with version numbers from git tags


  • clj.native-image - Generate GraalVM native images with Clojure CLI and deps.edn
  • badigeon - Clojure build library using tools.deps
  • depstar - clj-based uberjarrer - fork of depstar with bug fixes and "thin" JAR support
  • Pack - Clojure project packager using tools.deps
  • revolt - trampoline to building/packaging tasks, generates highly configurable capsules
  • cambada - a packager for Clojure supporting jar, uberjar and GraalVM's native-image

Versioning and Releasing

  • Metav - Deduce version from git state and release Clojure project based on tools.deps (check clean state of repo, bump version, tag, push)


Deps management

  • Depot - Find newer versions of your deps
  • find-deps - Find and add deps using the Clojars and Maven search APIs
  • deps-ancient - tells you if your deps.edn contains outdated deps


  • Planck - self-hosted ClojureScript REPL with plk analog of clj


  • Datomic Ions - deploy Clojure code to an autoscalable Datomic cluster in AWS
  • deps-deploy - A Clojure library to deploy your stuff to clojars
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