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Cloud Native Glossary

The CNCF Cloud Native Glossary Project is hosted at and is intended to be used as a reference for common terms when talking about cloud native applications. You can view and download the PDF version here.

You are welcome to use this code for your own glossary project. Here are instructions for creating your own glossary.

Getting started

If you'd like to help with the glossary we'd love to have your contributions! Please see How to Contribute.


The Cloud Native Glossary was initiated by the CNCF Marketing Committee (Business Value Subcommittee) and includes contributions from Catherine Paganini, Chris Aniszczyk, Daniel Jones, Jason Morgan, Katelin Ramer, Mike Foster, and many more contributors. For a complete contributor list, please refer to this GitHub page.

The Glossary is maintained by Seokho Son, Noah Ispas, Jihoon Seo, Nate W., and Jorge Castro.

Catherine Paganini, and Jason Morgan are Emeritus Maintainers, and we are deeply grateful for their invaluable contributions over the years.


All code contributions are under the Apache 2.0 license. Documentation is distributed under CC BY 4.0.

Setting up a local instance

To improve the Cloud Native Glossary site itself, install a local copy with these instructions. Note you must have npm and Hugo installed.

git clone
cd glossary
git submodule update --init --recursive
npm install

You can then run the site using npm run serve (select "[Hugo]"). To have the site run locally with a functioning local search, run npm run serve:with-pagefind.

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The CNCF Cloud Native Glossary Project aims to define cloud native concepts in clear and simple language, making them accessible to anyone — whether they have a technical background or not (




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