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Communication Channels

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Mailing List

Please refer to this document to find out about our mailing lists.

Public Gitter Channels

Channel Name Purpose
coala/coala Main Channel
coala/coala-bears Any bear related discussions
coala/editor-plugins coala editor plugins, code, brackets, gedit, vim, etc
coala/depman Any dependency management related discussions
coala/ast Any AST (Abstract Syntax Tree) related discussions
coala/aspects Any non AST discussions about languages and coala aspects
coala/community For our Community engagement repositories!
coala/gci If you're participating in Google Code-in
coala/coala/gsoc If you're interested in GSoC
coala/performance Profiling and performance optimizations!
coala/documentation Documentation Channel
coala/conferences For Conference-Happy People!
coala/coala/workshops When performing Contributing to OS workshops, participants can be sent here. Lurk here if you want to help review in such situations!
coala/coala/artwork-corner Artwork related discussions
coala/coala/offtopic Anything fun! Our gaming sessions start here.
coala/freelancers Join if you are or looking for becoming a Freelancer!
coala/cobot-test corobo and cobot testing channel. Use corobo help here to get more information about what you can do with it!

IRC Mirrors

If you prefer using IRC, you can use the Gitter IRC bridge or use the #coala, #coala-offtopic and #coala-gsoc channels on freenode which are mirrored to their respective Gitter channels.


Most of the coala gitter channels are accessible on Telegram also with a bidirectional bridge. Ask on gitter to be added to those rooms.


There is a non-bridged Zulip instance at , which is used for Google Code-in mentoring. It has many of the same rooms as on Gitter, called streams.

Private Gitter Channels

If you think you should be on one of those lists, please request an invitation for it.

Channel Name Purpose
coala/coala/maintainers For Maintainer Discussions
coala/coala/gsoc-students For Private GSoC Student/Mentor Discussions
coala/coala/gsoc-mentors Private GSoC Mentor Only Communication


Stack Overflow

Post questions with the coala tag.


Here is our G+ community.

Mumble Server

We have a mumble server where you can hang out and VoiP with other coalaians! To use it, you need to install the mumble client and connect to