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Code Climate Govet Engine

codeclimate-govet is a Code Climate engine that wraps govet. You can run it on your command line using the Code Climate CLI, or on our hosted analysis platform.

govet examines Go source code and reports suspicious constructs, such as Printf calls whose arguments do not align with the format string. Vet uses heuristics that do not guarantee all reports are genuine problems, but it can find errors not caught by the compilers.


  1. If you haven't already, install the Code Climate CLI.
  2. Add the following to your Code Climate config:
    enabled: true
  1. Run codeclimate engines:install
  2. You're ready to analyze! Browse into your project's folder and run codeclimate analyze.


make image

This will build a codeclimate/codeclimate-govet image locally


govet is a part of the Go distribution and shares version with it. Once in a while a new version of Go gets packaged. In order to get the latest version and force a new docker image build, please update the base image in the Dockerfile. Please avoid any unstable tags such as latest and keep it explicit.

Need help?

For help with Govet, check out their documentation.

If you're running into a Code Climate issue, first look over this project's GitHub Issues, as your question may have already been covered. If not, go ahead and open a support ticket with us.