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cloudcmd v14.4.0

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@coderaiser coderaiser released this 26 Apr 21:04
· 408 commits to master since this release

User Menu Run Selected

To fresh version of Cloud Commander was added new User Menu feature: now you can chose what items to run without showing select dialog. Here is how it's look like in

const RENAME_FILE = 'Rename file';

export default {
    __settings: {
        select: [
        run: true,
    [`F2 - ${RENAME_FILE}`]: async ({DOM}) => {
        await DOM.renameCurrent();

What you can see here, is Rename File will be run instead of showing user menu dialog. That's right, now you can configure Cloud Commander to work in the same way, it worked a couple releases a go, and much more :). You can customize F2 button in a way you like.

How to make things work?

Open home directory, press F2 and choose Create User Menu file, and then change run: false into run: true.

That's all for today, folks :), if you have any questions, ideas or troubles create an issue.


  • (user-menu) add ability to run selected items without showing dialog