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cloudcmd v7.5.0

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@coderaiser coderaiser released this 08 Sep 10:55
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When --vim option provided, or configuration parameter vim set, next hot keys become available:

Key Operation
j navigate to next file
k navigate to previous file
dd remove current file
G navigate to bottom file
gg navigate to top file
v visual mode
y copy (selected in visual mode files)
p paste files
Esc unselect all

Commands can be joined, for example:

  • 5j will navigate 5 files below current;
  • d5j will remove next 5 files;
  • dG will remove all files from current to bottom;


  • (vim) add hot keys
  • (key) add ability to extract archives with Alt + F9
  • (key) add ability to pack files with Alt + F5