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This is a docker image intended to host a reproduction discussed in ***Introducing ufo.js: A browser-oriented p2p network,*** (Bevilacqua, A; Boemio, P.; Romano, S.P. in International Conference on Computing, Networking and Communications (ICNC), 2014 , pp.353,357, 3-6 Feb. 2014)

It sets up a simple container running ubuntu, node, and a fork of the original github repository, ready to go. The fork has some minor edits to make the application run with recent express versions.


This was all set up on OS X, so it assumes you have followed the docker OS X installation instructions and have run boot2docker from the command line and have the docker daemon running. If you're not on OS X, you'll just have to check that the docker daemon is running and it should all work.

To download the image and start a container from the image

docker pull coderigo/docker-ufo-js
# NOTE: The below command is designed for *OS X* running boot2docker which itself is a VM running on IP address 
# by default (run boot2docker IP to see it for yourself). If running on other OSes you'll likely 
# substitute `` out for your localhost ``:
docker run -p --name="ufo-js-server" --hostname="ufo-js-server" -i -t coderigo/docker-ufo-js /bin/zsh

The above will start an interactive shell into the container. To start the server, type into the shell:

cd ufo.js-base && ./bin/p2p

In the browser travel to (on OS X with boot2docker running) or on other OSes to load the ufo.js app.


This image can be changed at any time. To re-build simply:

docker build --tag="docker-ufo-js" .