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HTTP file server written by golang + reactjs, not maintained, move to
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A http file server written by golang and reactjs.

Not maintained any more. Move to

Binary can be download from


# basic usage
gohttp --port 8000 --root /your/workdir

Usage: gohttp [<flags>]

  -h, --help               Show context-sensitive help (also try --help-long and --help-man).
      --version            Show application version.
      --port=8000          Port to listen
      --root="."           File root directory
      --private            Only listen on loopback address
      --httpauth=HTTPAUTH  HTTP basic auth (ex: user:pass)
      --cert=CERT          TLS cert.pem
      --key=KEY            TLS key.pem
      --gzip               Enable Gzip support
      --upload             Enable upload support
      --zipable            Enable archieve folder into zip


ftp feature has a serious cpu usage problem. Be careful with that.

There are python scripts of which use pyftpdlib can do ftp server job.

screenshot screenshot


  1. Support QRCode code generate
  2. All assets package to Standalone binary
  3. Different file type different icon
  4. Support show or hide hidden files
  5. Upload support
  6. preview
  7. HTTP Basic Auth
  8. Gzip support
  9. When only one dir under dir, path will combine two together
  10. Directory zip download
  11. Code preview
  12. Apple ipa auto generate .plist file, qrcode can be recognized by iphone (Require https)
  13. Add ftp support(beta)
  14. Support modify the index page
  15. Download count statistics
  16. CORS enabled

About https

There is a Chinese doc about how to set up nginx and generate self signed keys

If there is a directory templates exists. The program will use templates under this dir instead use html resource inside the binary file.


Suggest install node through nvm

go get -u
npm install -g webpack
npm install
make prod


Your need to know what is react, and golang. In develop mode, Support react hot reload

npm install
make dev

Open another terminal

go build && ./gohttp



POST /upload-dir

upload-dir is just a name which you can change it easily.

Field name Description Example
file Upload file file=@upload.txt
path Upload path(optional) path=/tmp/
name Save name (optional, need version set) name=foo
version Upload version version=1.2.0


# Normal upload
curl -F file=@upload.txt ${SERVER}

# Versioned upload
curl -F file=@foo-windows.txt -F file=@foo-mac.txt -F name=foo -F version=1.0.1 ${SERVER}

# will create dir structure
  |- foo-latest(symlink) -> foo-1.0.1
  `- foo-1.0.1/
      |- foo-windows.txt
      `- foo-mac.txt


  3. update package.json dependencies
  4. react hot reload QA
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