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data Fix typo: Annie Rice -> Anne Rice.
templates Replace Kindle banner on badge page with Audible.
train-data Add trained data.
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LICENSE ISC license. README: requires Racket 6.1.
app.rkt Get port from environment variable PORT.
bayes.rkt Use apply + instead of sum, and simplify readability-score.
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gui.rkt Reformat GUI code.
iwl-cache.conf New newsletter form; Amazon disclaimer.
train.rkt Simplify trainer and authors list.
utils.rkt Revert "Use aif macro from planet, thus removing utils.rkt."

I Write Like


To launch the web server:

racket app.rkt

and open http://localhost:8080.

Make sure you have Racket 6.1 installed.


The original train data is not included (while the results of training are available in data directory).

First, put plain-text formatted books into train-data directory. Edit authors.rkt to add authors and file names (remove the ones you don't have). Finally, run racket train.rkt.


The original version was written in July 2010 in Python using framework. Then I rewrote it in Racket in November 2010. This is the latest Racket version.

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