Implementation of the GA4GH Workflow Execution Service, a REST service for running workflows
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Workflow as a Service

This provides client and server implementations of the GA4GH Workflow Execution Service API for the Common Workflow Language.

It provides an Arvados backend. It also works with any cwl-runner that supports the CWL standard command line interface:


pip install wes-service


Run a standalone server with default cwl-runner backend:

$ wes-server

Submit a workflow to run:

Note! All inputs files must be accessible from the filesystem.

$ wes-client --host=localhost:8080 --proto=http --attachments="testdata/dockstore-tool-md5sum.cwl,testdata/md5sum.input" testdata/md5sum.cwl testdata/md5sum.cwl.json

List workflows

$ wes-client --proto http --host=localhost:8080 --list

Get workflow status

$ wes-client --proto http --host=localhost:8080 --get <workflow-id>

Get stderr log from workflow:

$ wes-client --proto http --host=localhost:8080 --log <workflow-id>

Server Configuration

Run a standalone server with Arvados backend:

$ wes-server --backend=wes_service.arvados_wes

Run a standalone server with Toil backend:

$ pip install toil[all]
$ wes-server --backend=wes_service.toil_wes --opt extra=--clean=never

Use a different executable with cwl_runner backend

$ pip install toil[all]
$ wes-server --backend=wes_service.cwl_runner --opt runner=cwltoil --opt extra=--logLevel=CRITICAL

Pass parameters to cwl-runner

$ wes-server --backend=wes_service.cwl_runner --opt extra=--workDir=/

Client Configuration

These options will be read in as defaults when running the client from the command line. The default protocol is https, to support secure communications, but the server starts using http, to ease development.

Set service endpoint:

$ export WES_API_HOST=localhost:8080

Set the value to pass in the Authorization header:

$ export WES_API_AUTH=my_api_token

Set the protocol (one of http, https)

$ export WES_API_PROTO=http

Then, when you call wes-client these defaults will be used in place of the flags, --host, --auth, and proto respectively.


If you would like to develop against workflow-service make sure you pass the provided test and it is flake8 compliant

Install from Source

$ virtualenv venv && source venv/bin/activate && pip install toil[all] && pip install . --process-dependency-links && pip install -r dev-requirements.txt

Running Tests

From path workflow-service run

$ pytest && flake8