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Contiki-NG is an operating system for resource-constrained devices in the Internet of Things. Contiki-NG contains an RFC-compliant, low-power IPv6 communication stack, enabling Internet connectivity. The system runs on a variety of platforms based on energy-efficient architectures such as the ARM Cortex-M3/M4 and the Texas Instruments MSP430. The code footprint is on the order of a 100 kB, and the memory usage can be configured to be as low as 10 kB. The source code is available as open source with a 3-clause BSD license.

More about Contiki-NG at doc:more-about-contiki-ng.

Online presence:

Also feel free to download our cheat sheet!


Setting up Contiki-NG

Programming Contiki-NG

Key networking modules and services

Storage systems

The Contiki-NG platforms





Organization, etc.

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