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Population genetics notes
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Population Genetics Notes

A pdf of the notes can be downloaded from the first release

If you use these notes and find them helpful please consider taking a moment to fill out this questionnaire. I'm collecting this information in case it is useful in supporting future development of the notes.

This is the latex source, images, and R code for the Population Genetics & Quantitative Genetics notes by Graham Coop.

Theses notes and the latex code are released under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. So if you do reuse or repurpose them you don’t need my permission, you just need to acknowledge where you got them from. The R code associated with these notes are released under the MIT license. There are still many typos in these notes, but I hope to fix them over time, and feel free to contact me or make a pull request to the git.

This book was developed from my set of notes for the Population Biology graduate group core class (PBGG) and Undergraduate Population and Quantitative Genetics class (EVE102) at UC Davis. Thanks to the many students who've read these notes and suggested improvements. Thanks to Simon Aeschbacher, Vince Buffalo, and Erin Calfee who read and extensively edited earlier drafts of these notes. To illustrate these notes I've used old scientific and natural history illustrations, in part because they are out of copyright but mainly because they bring me joy. Many of the old images come from Biodiversity Heritage Library a consortium of natural history institutions that are digitizing their collections and make them freely available online. If you enjoy the images consider donating to the BHL. Many of the data and simulation graphics in the book were prepared in R, the code for each is linked to from the caption of each figure. In many cases data were extracted from old figures using the WebPlotDigitizer tool, as such I advise re-extracting the data if you wish to use it for research purposes.

There are various other popgen notes openly available online. Here’s a couple of other resources:

Kent Holsinger’s Notes:

Joe Felsenstein’s book:

Walsh and Lynch book pdfs:

Graham Coop

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