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CsString is a standalone library which provides unicode aware string support.

The CsBasicString class is a templated class which provides unicode aware string support. The encoding, such as UTF-8 or UTF-16, is passed to the CsBasicString template. The following typedefs are provided for convenience.

using CsString       = CsBasicString<utf8>;
using CsString_utf8  = CsBasicString<utf8>;
using CsString_utf16 = CsBasicString<utf16>;

System Requirements

To use CsString you will need a C++17 compiler and a C++17 standard library.

Currently uses the CMake build system for building and running the unit test suite. The library has been tested with clang sanitizer and a major code review.


Class level documentation for CsString is available on the CopperSpice website:


Our YouTube channel contains over 65 videos about C++, programming fundamentals, Unicode/Strings, multithreading, graphics, CopperSpice, DoxyPress, and other software development topics. Links to additional videos can be found on our website.

Authors / Contributors

  • Ansel Sermersheim
  • Barbara Geller


This library is released under the BSD 2-clause license. For more information refer to the LICENSE file provided with this project.