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The DragonFly Mail Agent, a small Mail Transport Agent (MTA), designed for home and office use.
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test deliver_local: quote "From " more liberally
BSDmakefile Add CONF_DIR, as in Makefile
INSTALL Added some more documentation on compiling
LICENSE update copyright notice
Makefile flushspool: use O_TRUNC instead of utimes(2)
Makefile.etc drop the virtusertable support
README.markdown Make Makefile and README consistent with INSTALL
TODO todo: we create mboxes properly now
VERSION release dma 0.9
aliases_parse.y aliases: log errors to syslog and abort
aliases_scan.l aliases: skip empty lines
auth.conf dma: move config files to source directory
base64.c dma: drop CVS ids
conf.c Add NULLCLIENT support
crypto.c Add compat #ifdef for older OpenSSL
dfcompat.c Linux -Wall fixes
dfcompat.h Linux -Wall fixes
dma-mbox-create.c update copyright notice
dma.8 update copyright notice
dma.c update copyright notice
dma.conf Add NULLCLIENT support
dma.h update copyright notice
dns.c update copyright notice add a version tag
local.c update copyright notice
mail.c Add more information to "bad mail input format" error
net.c update copyright notice
spool.c update copyright notice
util.c update copyright notice


dma -- DragonFly Mail Agent

dma is a small Mail Transport Agent (MTA), designed for home and office use. It accepts mails from locally installed Mail User Agents (MUA) and delivers the mails either locally or to a remote destination. Remote delivery includes several features like TLS/SSL support and SMTP authentication.

dma is not intended as a replacement for real, big MTAs like sendmail(8) or postfix(1). Consequently, dma does not listen on port 25 for incoming connections.




make install sendmail-link mailq-link install-spool-dirs install-etc

See INSTALL for requirements and configuration options.


Simon Schubert

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