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Set the HAP bit (ME >= 11) or the AltMeDisable bit (ME < 11)

Positive Technologies discovered the presence of an undocumented HAP bit
in the PCHSTRP0 field of the descriptor which, when set to 1, disables
completely Intel ME just after the initialization. This is confirmed both
by an analysis of the status of Intel ME after the setting of the bit and
by reverse engineering the BUP module.

More information in their blog post:

Moreover Igor Skochinsky discovered a bit in the PCHSTRP10, which achieves
more or less the same result as the HAP bit for ME < 11.

With this commit one of these bits is set to 1: instead of halting due to
corrupted modules, Intel ME now halts before trying to load them, possibly
leading to a cleaner shutoff of the ME subsystem.
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corna committed Aug 28, 2017
1 parent 5ffeaff commit ced3b46ba2ccd74602b892f9594763ef34671652
Showing with 17 additions and 1 deletion.
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@@ -501,6 +501,7 @@ def start_end_to_flreg(start, end):
flmap0, flmap1 = unpack("<II",
frba = flmap0 >> 12 & 0xff0
fmba = (flmap1 & 0xff) << 4
fpsba = flmap1 >> 12 & 0xff0
flreg = unpack("<III",
@@ -590,7 +591,7 @@ def start_end_to_flreg(start, end):
mef = RegionFile(f, me_start, me_end)
if args.descriptor or args.extract_descriptor:
if me_start > 0:
fdf = RegionFile(f, fd_start, fd_end)
print("Removing extra partitions...")
@@ -651,6 +652,21 @@ def start_end_to_flreg(start, end):
print("Truncating file at {:#x}...".format(end_addr))
if me_start > 0:
if me11:
print("Setting the HAP bit in PCHSTRP0 to disable Intel ME...")
pchstrp0 = unpack("<I",[0]
pchstrp0 |= (1 << 16)
fdf.write_to(fpsba, pack("<I", pchstrp0))
print("Setting the AltMeDisable bit in PCHSTRP10 to disable "
"Intel ME...") + 0x28)
pchstrp10 = unpack("<I",[0]
pchstrp10 |= (1 << 7)
fdf.write_to(fpsba + 0x28, pack("<I", pchstrp10))
if args.descriptor:
print("Removing ME/TXE R/W access to the other flash regions...")
fdf.write_to(fmba + 0x4, pack("<I", 0x04040000))

3 comments on commit ced3b46


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rminnich replied Aug 31, 2017

I just can't stop smiling. I can't. I can't.


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archfan replied Aug 31, 2017

Stop smiling. The world is a horrendous place. We must frown at our achievements. This will remind us that the past wasn't really that much worse in the first place.


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sellerie98 replied Aug 31, 2017

@archfan Or just dont stop smiling, as the world is a horrendous place, loaded with a level of irony that is hilarious again.

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