A real-time online multiplayer CTF shooter game
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buildnshoot.io v0.4.7

An online multiplayer shooter game

Please post any bugs or feature requests on the Issues page!

How to play:


Movement: Move using the WASD keys.

Aiming: Aim by moving your mouse.

Shooting: Shoot by pressing the Left Mouse Button.

Reloading: Reload by pressing R. This will reload 1 bullet at time and can be cancelled at any point during the reload. If you use all of your bullets, you will have to reload the clip, which takes longer than 1 bullet at a time!

Building: Switch to Build Mode by pressing the Right Mouse Button. Then press the Left Mouse Button to build on a tile adjacent to you. Note: You cannot build if a player is occupying the tile!

Shoveling: Switch to Shovel Mode by pressing the Right Mouse Button in Build Mode. Then press the Left Mouse Button on an active block to remove it. Note: Removing a block with a shovel places it in your inventory if you aren't full already!


Currently the game is just a endless fighter, but soon there will be objectives for each team to compete for. I have not finalized the goals yet, and there may end up being multiple game modes.


  • Blocks can be destroyed by shooting them (3 hits), or by using the Shovel!
  • You can see when the other players have to reload, use this to your advantage!
  • Players can't shoot when they don't have their gun out, attack them then!
  • Use the Shovel to gain more blocks. You can use this to repair or move defenses!
  • You cannot hurt your teammates, feel free to shoot through them as a human shield!


Currently there is only a single weapon implemented. More will be added later! Full stats will be added later once they are closer to being finalized.


High Damage, Slow Fire Rate, Medium Reload Time, Medium Clip Size, Fast Projectile Speed, Good Short-Range Accuracy, Good Long-Range Accuracy.

SMG (Not Implemented):

Low Damage, Fast Fire Rate, Long Reload Time, Large Clip Size, Average Projectile Speed, Fair Short-Range Accuracy, Fair Long-Range Accuracy. Note: I may change this from an SMG to more of an LMG. Still deciding. Or add both.

Shotgun (Not Implemented):

High Damage, Average Fire Rate, Short Reload Time, Small Clip Size, Average Projectile Speed, Good Short-Range Accuracy, Poor Long-Range Accuracy.


Please check the CHANGELOG.txt for a list of current updates

Planned Features:

  • Team load balancing to prevent everyone from joining one team
  • Objectives, this may be a Capture the Flag objective or capture zones, or something else entirely
  • At least two other weapons, SMG and Shotgun listed above
  • Images for the players, weapons, bullets, blocks
  • Rifle will be a hitscan not a projectile
  • Some sort of non-intrusive Ad system for monetization
  • Leaderboard
  • Chat (Perhaps locked to team only chat, to provide better cooperation)

Other Information:

You can see my other work on my personal website at http://lutzkellen.com/.


I am leaving this open source because I think it may help someone else make their own games. For any questions please contact me.