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  • Interface
    • Mobile support
      • Touch events wherever the mouse works.
    • Pretty, fast 3D graphics without Java/flash/special plugins.
      • This works pretty well, but there is room for making things even snappier.
    • playback and fullscreen view modes for even more awesome ways to view algs.
    • Live updating of view and URL based on input.
      • Seriously: no "click to update preview" buttons!
    • Alg playback with sufficiently flexible navigation (play/pause/forward/back/reset/skip to end).
      • Continuous animation/scrobbling (can stop in the middle of moves).
    • Two dimensions of puzzle orientation by dragging (rotate around vertical axis, pan up/down).
      • Optimized for visceral awesomeness.
      • Does not support arbitrary orientations, on purpose. The current mechanism keeps the vertical axis anchored in the center, which means you always know where "up" is.
  • Input
    • Animation synchronized with alg input.
      • On desktop, highlights the current move during animation.
        • Great use case: animate alg, pause and start typing to correct/insert a move.
      • While editing the alg, updates the animation to display the current edit point.
    • Unobstrusive textareas used as the sole text-based alg interface.
    • Automatically sized setup/alg input (rows expand)
    • Custom title
  • Algorithms
    • Full SiGN parsing using a proper parser.
      • Full support for grouping, repetition, inverting, commutators, and conjugates.
      • Also accepts WCA notation for wide outer block turns (Rw).
      • Visual feedback for failure to parse.
  • Settings
    • Many puzzles.
      • Currently 2x2x2-9x9x9. Arbitrary cube sizes possible (17x17x17 is enabled for fun).
      • Support for more puzzles coming!
    • Stages: stickers highlight to focus on pieces
      • OLL
      • PLL
      • F2L
      • CLS
      • ...
    • Multiple playback types, including:
      • alg (end solved, no/hidden setup/scramble)
      • reconstruction (start with scramble)
      • moves (same as reconstruction, but kept for semantic distinction, e.g. forum links)
    • Custom color schemes.
  • Playback Options
    • Custom playback speed.
    • Flexible puzzle display style
      • Right now, two independent toggle options: "hint stickers" and "hollow".
  • Tools
    • Move counts in 4 common metrics.
      • h = obtm = Outer Block Turn Metric (generalizes "Half Turn Metric")
      • q = obqtm = Outer Block Quarter Turn Metric (generalizes "Quarter Turn Metric")
      • s = btm = Block Turn Metric (generalizes "Slice Turn Metric")
      • e = etm = Execution Turn Metric (every move token counts as 1)
    • Algorithm transformations. Currently:
      • Expand
      • Simplify
      • Invert
      • Mirror
    • Export current canvas to PNG.
    • Automatic forum link generation.
      • Distinguishes between algs and reconstructions.
  • User-Focused

Minor Affordances

  • Puzzle orientation is "sticky". It starts at the top, and you have to drag down the mouse a bit for the view to start rotating. This means that you're unlikely to move the cube up/down if you're just trying to move it side-to-side.
  • The alg textarea autofocuses. Go to and start typing!
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