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Cureos AB

Medical software development and consulting in C#

Popular repositories

  1. aforge Public

    PCL version of AForge.NET Framework,

    C# 117 94

  2. csunits Public

    C# framework for Units of Measurement

    C# 41 16

  3. jcobyla Public

    Java port of COBYLA2 nonlinear constrained optimization method

    Java 34 14

  4. shim Public

    Shim expands the ability to create Portable Class Libraries by providing reduced or dummy implementations of .NET Framework classes that are not represented in PCL.

    C# 27 7

  5. csmpfit Public

    A Least Squares Optimization Library in C#

    C# 26 13

  6. csj2k Public

    Portable Class Library adaptation of JPEG 2000 codec library CSJ2K at

    C# 22 12



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