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Cureos AB

Medical software development and consulting in C#

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  1. aforge aforge Public

    PCL version of AForge.NET Framework,

    C# 121 95

  2. csunits csunits Public

    C# framework for Units of Measurement

    C# 45 52

  3. jcobyla jcobyla Public

    Java port of COBYLA2 nonlinear constrained optimization method

    Java 34 16

  4. csmpfit csmpfit Public

    A Least Squares Optimization Library in C#

    C# 29 63

  5. csnumerics csnumerics Public

    Portable numerical algorithms in C#

    C# 28 10

  6. shim shim Public

    Shim expands the ability to create Portable Class Libraries by providing reduced or dummy implementations of .NET Framework classes that are not represented in PCL.

    C# 27 7


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