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An Amazon Athena driver for Metabase 0.32 and later
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Metabase Athena Driver

💥Note: This project is under active development

Latest Release GitHub license


Beginning with Metabase 0.32, drivers must be stored in a plugins directory in the same directory where metabase.jar is, or you can specify the directory by setting the environment variable MB_PLUGINS_DIR.

Download Metabase Jar and Run

  1. Download a fairly recent Metabase binary release (jar file) from the Metabase distribution page.
  2. Download the Athena driver jar from this repository's "Releases" page
  3. Create a directory and copy the metabase.jar to it.
  4. In that directory create a sub-directory called plugins.
  5. Copy the Athena driver jar to the plugins directory.
  6. Make sure you are the in the directory where your metabase.jar lives.
  7. Run java -jar metabase.jar.

Build from source

I'm not familiar enough with lein to know if there is a better way to include a jar from a static URL, so for the time being we download it manually.

  1. Download a fairly recent Metabase binary release (jar file) from the Metabase distribution page.

  2. Download the Athena driver into your local Maven repo

    mkdir -p ~/.m2/repository/athena/athena-jdbc/2.0.7/
    wget -O ~/.m2/repository/athena/athena-jdbc/2.0.7/athena-jdbc-2.0.7.jar 
  3. Clone this repo

    git clone
  4. Build the jar

    cd metabase-athena-driver/
    DEBUG=1 LEIN_SNAPSHOTS_IN_RELEASE=true lein uberjar
  5. Let's assume we download metabase.jar to ~/metabae/ and we built the project above. Copy the built jar to the Metabase plugins directly and run Metabase from there!

    mkdir ${TARGET_DIR}/plugins/
    cp target/uberjar/athena.metabase-driver.jar ${TARGET_DIR}/plugins/
    cd ${TARGET_DIR}/
    java -jar metabase.jar

You should see a message on startup similar to:

2019-05-07 23:27:32 INFO plugins.lazy-loaded-driver :: Registering lazy loading driver :athena...
2019-05-07 23:27:32 INFO metabase.driver :: Registered driver :athena (parents: #{:sql-jdbc}) 🚚


Once you've started up Metabase, go to add a database and select "Athena".

You'll need to provide the AWS region, an access key and secret key, and an S3 bucket and prefix where query results will be written to.

Please note:

  • The provided bucket must be in the same region you specify.
  • If you do not provide an access key, the default credentials chain.
  • The initial sync can take some time depending on how many databases and tables you have.


Only one test exists at the moment, but can easily be run:

lein test

Known Issues

  • Cannot specify a single database to sync
  • Only native SQL queries are supported
    • Native SQL Queries must not end with a semi-colon (;)
    • Basic aggregations seem to work in the query builder
    • Parameterized queries are not supported
  • Sometimes, the initial database verification can time out
    • If this happens, configure a higher timeout value with the MB_DB_CONNECTION_TIMEOUT_MS environment variable
  • Heavily nested fields can result in a StackOverflowError
    • If this happens, increase the -Xss JVM parameter
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