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Static website generator

Roseate Spoonbill - Wikipedia


Spoonbill is a static website generator. It was built out of frustration. You would think that by now that the programming community would have built something like this already. You know, a simple one. Instead, we have all these ultra-complicated static web site generator tools. Look at spoonbill's code. Tiny. REALLY tiny. Ok, maybe that's because spoonbill is a combination of some other more complex tools.

Spoonbill is a combination of 3 awesome projects that do all the hard work: jinja, markdown and frontmatter.

  • Jinja - This is what is used for the web site templates
  • Markdown - All the naked text is written in markdown
  • Front Matter - All the markdown files have some metadata at the time that directs the templates

This mix, combined with some reasonable defaults, frees you up to be creative.

All of this fun stuff is tied together by a good, old fashioned Makefile. No need for grunt, gulp or webpack and all that complexity. It's a boring, easy to understand Makefile.

Static Web Site Generation: An old idea, still relevant today. And now efficiently done again.

Known sites built with Spoonbill

Do you have a site that uses Spoonbill? Let me know by emailing it in to