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Dailymotion Objective-C client API

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Dailymotion Objective-C SDK

This repository contains the official open source Objective-C SDK that allows you to access the Dailymotion API from your Mac OS X or iOS application.

See documentation at

NOTE: This is the version 2.0 of the Dailymotion SDK. This version raises the minimum iOS deployement version to 5.0. If you need iOS 3+ support, please see

Useful Resources


Copy DailymotionSDK.framework in your project

Add build target dependencies

  • In you application project app's target settings, find the "Build Phases" section and open the "Link Binary With Libraries" block.
  • Click the "+" button again and select the Security.framework
  • Click the "+" button again and select the SystemConfiguration.framework

Add Linker Flag

  • Open the "Build Settings" tab, in the "Linking" section, locate the "Other Linker Flags" setting and add the "-ObjC" flag:

Import headers in your source files

In the source files where you need to use the library, use #import <DailymotionSDK/DailymotionSDK.h>:

#import <DailymotionSDK/DailymotionSDK.h>


We are relying on the [GitHub issues tracker][issues] linked from above for feedback. File bugs or other issues

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