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Various notes/memoranda.

Table of Contents

We may eventually move the NTFS content in the Windows folder to a File Systems/NTFS folder.


Name Email GitHub Twitter
Dan O'Day danzek @4n68r
Adam Witt PoorBillionaire @_TrapLoop
Steve Gibson sg stevegibson

Contributions are welcome. Contact me, create an issue, and/or fork this code and create a pull request.

Random Trivia

I used to keep stuff like this in Gists but am moving some of it into this repository in order to be able to add a little more structure to it.

No, I did not misspell "annotations"—this is the Latin plural form of the lemma. I originally was going to name the repository "ὑπομνήματα" (hypomnēmata), but GitHub repo names can only contain ASCII characters and that name is even more confusing than a Latin word with an English cognate. "Memoranda" was a close runner up for the repo name also.

License & Disclaimer

Creative Commons License
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