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Start here to explore the projects and repositories of the Center for Data to Health
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Center for Data to Health Phase II Projects


Start here to explore the cores, projects and repositories of the Center for Data to Health.

Cores Resource Discovery Informatics Maturity and Best Practices Next Generation
Data Sharing
Tools and Cloud Infrastructure
Data, Standards, & Ontologies Science of Translational Science Research Platform
InvenioRDM: Invenio Research Data Management platform
Research Informatics and open science maturity model Harmonizing clinical data models and building an adaptor
Health Open Terminology FHIR server
Secure cloud-based infrastructure for CTSA hub data sharing
Open Source Clinical Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) Data Browser (Leaf)
Software, Tools, & Algorithms Educational Harmonization EHR2HPO Patient mortality prediction DREAM Challenge
People, Expertise, & Attribution Architecting Attribution
Personas for Clinical & Translational Science
CTSA Data Sharing Governance Pathways
Reusable Data best practice Portal
Competitions tool for CTSA community peer review

If you're ready to join one or more project teams, please onboard at; this will grant you access to the project documents, GitHub repos, and Slack for the whole program. We can help you configure your notifications so that you only get what matters to you.

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