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Jupyter Notebook + Reveal.js


Microsoft PowerPoint is cool. I like it! It is like a Swiss army knife for consultants. You can make beautiful slides with it. When it comes to code though, PowerPoint sucks. Really! The solution is to use reveal.js. It is cool. You can use Markdown to highlight code. It is responsive but like LaTeX, it can be tedious.

Another way to use reveal.js is through Jupyter Notebook. You just create a notebook and then use nbconvert to get reveal.js slides as well. The standard output is however boring. I seriously mean it! This repo therefore tries to bridge this gap by using customized colors and images.

Moreover, we live in a cloud native world with a cloud native lifestyle, cloud native storage, cloud native solution. Why not having cloud native presentation slides then? This repo also solves this problem by simply using cf push.

Getting Started

  1. Create the conda environment:

    conda env create -f environment.yml
  2. You can find a notebook template in the static folder which contains some examples like cover and divider slides, markdown syntax and many more. Here is a link for a nice intro into creating slides with Jupyter notebook.

  3. When you are done with editing your notebook, you need to generate the slides with this command:

    # from ./jupyter2slides/
    python --file static/presentation_template.ipynb
  4. Now you can either call this command to serve the presentation on your local machine

    python --file static/presentation_template.slides.html

    or just use cf push to push it to the cloud. I use Flask to serve those static files.

  5. To convert the slides to pdf, I use decktape:

    cd decktape-1.0.0/
    ./phantomjs decktape.js generic --keycode=Space "" presentation_template.pdf

    or you can also use the ?print-pdf option but this is not recommended as the formatting is not displayed correctly.


  • Python 3.6.*
  • nbconvert 5.3.*
  • reveal.js 3.1.0



How can I change the color of the headline, text, links, list etc.?

You can change everything in the custom.css file.

How can I change the footer?

If you need to change the footer, open jupyter_template.tpl and go to Change footer here.

Where did you get the image and favicon?

The image used for the cover slide is from Pexel and the favicon is from freefavicon. They are both free to use.

Does it work with other reveal.js version?

Yes, but this is not recommended as the colors might be broken due to differences in the css styles.


See LICENSE for details. Copyright (c) 2016 Dat Tran.