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What's new in 0.6:

  • much better Z80 code --- I did a major microoptimisation pass and knocked off an easy 7%. It now looks almost passable in places. (But the overall package size is bigger because there's an extra debugging tool.)

  • out-of-the-box support for Fuzix systems. You can use Cowgol to develop on real Z80 systems running the Fuzix miniature Unix operating system! If you're patient, and like rapidly mutating APIs. It'll run in 32kB, but that's not enough RAM to load the standard libraries. 48kB or better userspace is required.

  • CP/M distribution packages. Precompiled binaries for your favourite antique operating system! Requires at least 40kB TPA to do anything useful.

What's new in 0.6.1:

  • fix a ghastly 6502 codegen bug which wasn't picked up in my tests that was causing the compiled compiler to generate completely broken code. (I'm amazed it didn't crash. It was scribbling all over random memory.) It's a good thing nobody actually uses this stuff, isn't it?

  • some minor changes where Cowgol autodetects memory rather better, which means it's much less important to tune it for the available RAM. Nobody should notice any difference.

💾 BBC Micro floppy disk image (ADFS-M

📦 CP/M distribution (zip)

📦 Fuzix distribution (zip)