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MySQL for Python lib port to python 3
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setup.cfg Allow pip install from git Port to Python 3.1 Merge 'davispuh/MySQL-for-Python-3' into 'MySQL-for-Python3' Merge 'davispuh/MySQL-for-Python-3' into 'MySQL-for-Python3' Fix building on Windows for latest MySQL Connector C 6.1
site.cfg Merge branch 'fix_windows' into MySQL-for-Python3
tox.ini tox.ini: Add ipdb as a dep because it's very useful for debugging
win_build.cmd Force distribute to use Windows SDK, so it won't look for vcvarsall.b…


This is the legacy (1.x) version of MySQLdb. While it is still being maintained, there will not be a lot of new feature development.

Build Status


  • A bugfix 1.2.4 release
  • A 1.3.0 release that will support Python 2.7-3.3
  • The 2.0 version is being renamed moist and is heavily refactored.


  • MySQLdb-svn

    This is the old Subversion repository located on SourceForge. It has all the early historical development of MySQLdb through 1.2.3, and also is the working repository for ZMySQLDA. The trunk on this repository was forked to create the MySQLdb2 repository.

  • MySQLdb1

    This is the new (active) git repository. Only updates to the 1.x series will happen here.

  • MySQLdb2

    This is the now obsolete Mercurial repository for MySQLdb-2.0 located on SourceForge. This repository has been migrated to the moist repository.

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