CLI for SQLite Databases with auto-completion and syntax highlighting
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A command-line client for SQLite databases that has auto-completion and syntax highlighting.

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If you already know how to install python packages, then you can install it via pip:

You might need sudo on linux.

$ pip install -U litecli

The package is also available on Arch Linux through AUR in two versions: litecli is based the latest release (git tag) and litecli-git is based on the master branch of the git repo. You can install them manually or with an AUR helper such as yay:

$ yay -S litecli


$ yay -S litecli-git

For MacOS users, you can also use Homebrew to install it:

$ brew tap dbcli/tap
$ brew install litecli


$ litecli --help

Usage: litecli [OPTIONS] [DATABASE]

  - litecli sqlite_db_name

A config file is automatically created at ~/.config/litecli/config at first launch. See the file itself for a description of all available options.