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Generate a playlist of your top favorites tracks on lastfm and post it on twitter or mastodon.
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lastfm_pg : lastfm playlist generator

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Generate playlist of a user's favorite most played tracks for a certain timespan and post it to twitter or mastodon.

This utility needs a valid config file with your lastfm API keys (get them at, twitter API keys (get them at and mastodon account information in the ~/.config/lastfm_pg/config.ini file (see config_sample.ini for an example).

Running the script for the first time will generate a sample config file if one doesn't exist yet.

In order to run the script at a given time, some systemd services are provided in the systemd-service directory. You will have to change them to match your configuration, more specifically the WorkingDirectory and ExecStart directive.


  • pylast
  • tweepy

Installation in a virtualenv (recommended)

git clone
cd lastfm_pg
pipenv install '-e .'


Show the help and the available options.

lastfm_pg -h
usage: lastfm_pg [-h] [--debug] [--username USERNAME] [--no_upload]
                 [--timeframe TIMEFRAME] [--social-media SOCIAL_MEDIA]
                 [--not-only-favorites] [--config_file CONFIG_FILE]
                 [--template_file TEMPLATE_FILE] [--hashtag HASHTAG]

Generate playlist of a user's favorite most played tracks for the last week
and post it to twitter or mastodon.

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --debug               Display debugging information
  --username USERNAME, -u USERNAME
                        Lastfm usernames, separated by comma (default :
                        username section of the config.ini file).
  --no_upload           Disable the upload. Use it for debugging.
  --timeframe TIMEFRAME, -t TIMEFRAME
                        Timeframe (Accepted values : 7day, 1month, 3month,
                        6month, 12month, overall. Default : 7day).
  --social-media SOCIAL_MEDIA, -s SOCIAL_MEDIA
                        Social media where the playlist will be posted
                        (twitter, mastodon or all. Default : all).
  --not-only-favorites, -n
                        The playlist will be composed of any tracks, not only
                        favorite tracks.
  --config_file CONFIG_FILE
                        Path to the config file (Default :
  --template_file TEMPLATE_FILE
                        Path to the template file for the tweet (Default :
  --hashtag HASHTAG     Hashtag to insert at the end of each secondary tweets
                        (Default : '#lastfm').

Systemd service

cp systemd-service/* ~/.config/systemd/user/
systemctl --user daemon-reload
systemctl --user enable --now twitter_lastfm_pg_weekly.timer


The posted tweets will follow the template. See the tweet_template.txt file for an example.

Available variables :

  • timeframe
  • username
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