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Releases: debian-pi/raspbian-ua-netinst

raspbian-ua-netinst v1.1.7

17 Jul 22:12
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Releasing version 1.1.7 of the Raspbian unattended netinstaller.

This release contains a fix and a workaround to make the installer work
on device with only 256MB of memory. This fixes #520.

The fix is using special gpu_mem_* settings to set the amount of gpu
memory used to 16/32 MB instead of the default 64.
This only applies to the installer itself and not to the installed
system. Changing the installed system is up to the user, who can apply
the same change as done with this fix.
Or use the gpu_mem configuration setting that is available.

The workaround is another memory saving 'trick' which is only applied to
the 256MB models. Instead of keeping a backup of the installer files in
memory, a link to the restored data (after partitioning) on the SDcard
is created.
This is done to keep the changes/impact minimal.

In the 'fail' function some memory/disk related data is now printed
which may help troubleshoot memory/disk related issues.

See the README for features/installation instruction/etc for this release.

SHA1 checksums:

78ed11f85b95839e265930ea72959b216af0eb0a  raspbian-ua-netinst-v1.1.7.img.bz2
0ebd85f6b2ebdd6b931e9c761d664e873e29a8e6  raspbian-ua-netinst-v1.1.7.img.xz

SHA256 checksums:

a71e2615791d0d3978d2fc19836c880bc60a30c750e6cb6c4a7c06d1f81240e5  raspbian-ua-netinst-v1.1.7.img.bz2
f91f3e5d837a18dd5380be46770f8b49d78b41f6030367541a5a7fba693f0da8  raspbian-ua-netinst-v1.1.7.img.xz

raspbian-ua-netinst v1.1.6

27 May 21:36
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Releasing version 1.1.6 of the Raspbian unattended netinstaller.

This release does NOT contain any functional changes or even bug fixes.
It has a slight optimization and pretty-fication wrt locale handling.

It also adds the signed messages by 'plugwash' and 'shiftplusone' to
prove the fingerprints of the and repos
used to verify the downloaded packages, which are part of issue #64, but
I believe it should be part of the git repo itself.
It does not serve any purpose other then for historical completeness.

This release is intended to be the last one in the 1.1.x series.
It will also be the first one that will be signed by me :)

See the README for features/installation instruction/etc for this release.

SHA1 checksums:

095715fdc64eadca2d173b3cf1e1afa6dee5ae0a  raspbian-ua-netinst-v1.1.6.img.bz2
ce741fb82e15a9ea600bf091498b627740808700  raspbian-ua-netinst-v1.1.6.img.xz

SHA256 checksums:

5cd8397687ce90576a8513ff7af685f0c4eeb783ba3e49e8a53bc9cac1fbaf55  raspbian-ua-netinst-v1.1.6.img.bz2
0ccce680732873e1a219fa836be74f259f50f1d42340cf45920a8aa7314967fa  raspbian-ua-netinst-v1.1.6.img.xz

raspbian-ua-netinst v1.1.5

09 Apr 17:06
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Releasing version 1.1.5 of the Raspbian unattended netinstaller.

In this release we're switching from cdebootstrap-static to cdebootstrap
(the dynamically linked variant).
The reason for that is that when components of cdebootstrap-static get
updated, a rebuild needed to be manually triggered/requested for those
updates to get picked up.
That's the only relevant change since v1.1.4.

See the README for features/installation instruction/etc for this release.

SHA1 checksums:

09c1e2371b518a8dce6b540adc1d81d49ef67467  raspbian-ua-netinst-v1.1.5.img.bz2
183df5261f940faea91be6ba734cc2765af73024  raspbian-ua-netinst-v1.1.5.img.xz

SHA256 checksums:

e0145a2fd5ce2e8bc6c99aadfbb73081c58d49c0183d5239620f1ce10d06d117  raspbian-ua-netinst-v1.1.5.img.bz2
cf714e6b9742dbb92735eb2495a070fc1324128c7b00cafa60b82284433fd04b  raspbian-ua-netinst-v1.1.5.img.xz

raspbian-ua-netinst v1.1.4

17 Feb 18:08
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Releasing version 1.1.4 of the Raspbian unattended netinstaller.

This bug fix release fixes the following issues:

  • Fix setting of timezone.
  • Add commented out statment to config.txt to easily enable a serial
    console on the RPi 3.
  • Output the release number if the build is from the release commit.
    Otherwise give a bit more useful info on the commit that was used.
  • Link /proc/mounts to /etc/mtab as mount function appear to use that.
  • Fix issues reported by ShellCheck, including bashisms.
  • Update path of mkfs.btrfs as Raspbian Buster replaced the previous one
    with one from buster-backports, where the path is different.

See the README for features/installation instruction/etc for this release.

SHA1 checksums:

d465d1eb5b91492e8bb0360217621316205071ad  raspbian-ua-netinst-v1.1.4.img.bz2
1536f8f52d84e679f6f9cb2418631874ab6d5b10  raspbian-ua-netinst-v1.1.4.img.xz

SHA256 checksums:

dd96804c73a3512217e1cdd8dedc66da503c9fa927d79780ff9a5b9e0c914f74  raspbian-ua-netinst-v1.1.4.img.bz2
a467c407a6c7b27c98b9823cc6df43b0b60b2778d6b9c258357a5d8cef795aa7  raspbian-ua-netinst-v1.1.4.img.xz

raspbian-ua-netinst v1.1.3

24 Dec 22:36
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Releasing version 1.1.3 of the Raspbian unattended netinstaller.
This bug fix release fixes the following issues:

  • Improve check for ssh-root hack (fixes #516)
  • Only configure networking when there is a network, which isn't the
    case when installing the 'base' preset (fixes #525)

From now on, development happens on the master branch. The document is updated to reflect that.

See the README for features/installation instruction/etc for this release.

SHA1 checksums:

971380b0e37bd74fb5891158cfd5608e8ce75ac6  raspbian-ua-netinst-v1.1.3.img.bz2
482f08a18a654834aeea5f3e7bfcc78036f1558a  raspbian-ua-netinst-v1.1.3.img.xz

SHA256 checksums:

a2d81edc0f5c54cc1cb38b29fd3ff70c8ddbc3eeb52779c0f77711518943dc0d  raspbian-ua-netinst-v1.1.3.img.bz2
92ea9d1318c2a35e9276f58715d2d0497846dad25f3c0e5c47aa5395770900d8  raspbian-ua-netinst-v1.1.3.img.xz

raspbian-ua-netinst v1.1.2

19 Dec 17:39
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Releasing version 1.1.2 of the Raspbian unattended netinstaller.

This bug fix release fixes the issue that installation over wifi wasn't
working as several needed components weren't part of the installer.

See the README for features/installation instruction/etc for this release.

This release is dedicated to my parents.

SHA1 checksums:

5a9ef25490f3eb48d6d187f945b0491fe2634dcb  raspbian-ua-netinst-v1.1.2.img.bz2
03d9c79d29857120c0981c5a6583428c41f676ad  raspbian-ua-netinst-v1.1.2.img.xz

SHA256 checksums:

8354df374502b68e6ad83e6f336e0cbbc53e3bbfd79849e64dd172a748a4ef53  raspbian-ua-netinst-v1.1.2.img.bz2
87761910f17f25fda4a015a53035d74f27f4c8989d59004c5d6587ceedee69ae  raspbian-ua-netinst-v1.1.2.img.xz

raspbian-ua-netinst v1.1.1

12 Dec 22:27
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Releasing version 1.1.1 of the Raspbian unattended netinstaller.

This is actually the first official release of the v1.1.x branch, but
previous betas were numbered 1.1.1-X.
This long overdue official release adds many, many improvements since 1.0.9.
Some of them are:

  • Support for Raspbian Buster (10)
  • Support for RPi devices till 3 (but not 4)
  • Support for IPv6
  • Support for multiple init systems (horray for init system diversity!)

For the rest, see the commit history.

See the README for features/installation instruction/etc for this release.

SHA1 checksums:

ae9a167f0486872d9df4f2ef301f4d733389dfdc  raspbian-ua-netinst-v1.1.1.bz2
f7720f7649113e4e472b4d1164b4bbf33cad5c92  raspbian-ua-netinst-v1.1.1.img.xz

SHA256 checksums:

09f7b00dcce691e2c11fb6ceb066968843b688df304cf2425c53aac10036c8b6  raspbian-ua-netinst-v1.1.1.bz2
312c01a4958bd7afb1bab3301f89c959c7bf5f6e97b258aed525a011b7f3d4a8  raspbian-ua-netinst-v1.1.1.img.xz

raspbian-ua-netinst v1.1.1-beta3

03 Aug 16:55
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Releasing version 1.1.1-beta3 of the Raspbian unattended netinstaller.

This is the third beta-version of the v1.1.x branch.
Hopefully this fixes the issue that the cpio files in the beta and beta2 release were corrupt.

$ gpg --print-mds     MD5 = A2 EA C4 76 37 E0 29 EF  
                                                    96 89 35 20 A5 48 0E F6    SHA1 = 5862 08E4 F977 0478 C63F  
                                                    274E D828 BE2B 1A2D E8CE  RMD160 = C6B9 6833 0632 97DE EE68  
                                                    F9B4 5772 B364 9AA2 F880  SHA224 = 2DDA9D42 D1D71E77 C4A1A4E1 
                                                    48641F9A E5CA28F8 BA16B8BD 
                                                    E1957A4E  SHA256 = 9F812B29 271A66A0 FAEE5BD3 
                                                    E2ABC1D3 0C331A6C 90568E91 
                                                    4EB0F3CF 49FE0A76  SHA384 = ECF62E22 E134B5AD F2D350B6 
                                                    F8E397B5 9E519457 39A5FDB0 
                                                    FF38D657 A5D4F7A7 AF7BDF75 
                                                    EDF3FAC6 E8E0FB6F C2D7EAA3  SHA512 = 396CDBC9 004D7C28 71B794AC 
                                                    5F539B59 9ED3FCA6 287EFE6C 
                                                    A938B58B D5E1C4BE B87C3A0D 
                                                    BA241E4A 1C4D98BD E474A30F 
                                                    E4699498 1B932463 1E626348 

raspbian-ua-netinst v1.1.1-beta2

25 Jul 17:20
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Releasing version 1.1.1-beta2 of the Raspbian unattended netinstaller.

This is the second beta-version of the v1.1.x branch. Please use the v1.1.1-beta3 release. This release is broken.

Most notable fixes/changes are:

  • moved to kernel version 4.9
  • disabled UART to (hopefully) fix freezes and kernel panics during booting.
  • HWRNG moved to module.
  • improved WiFi support and optional driver loading


$ gpg --print-mds raspbian-ua-netinst-v1.1.1-beta2.img.bz2
raspbian-ua-netinst-v1.1.1-beta2.img.bz2:    MD5 = 7E ED 44 1D 62 76 EB 4E
                                                   FE 5F FD 93 B1 61 A0 DB
raspbian-ua-netinst-v1.1.1-beta2.img.bz2:   SHA1 = 29EC 24EE 64C3 C88A 08E8
                                                   AFA8 930E A63F 178F FA2F
raspbian-ua-netinst-v1.1.1-beta2.img.bz2: RMD160 = C399 548F 2FE4 35A3 384E
                                                   76B1 F1E9 BB4D E0E3 1C15
raspbian-ua-netinst-v1.1.1-beta2.img.bz2: SHA224 = 6D220AC1 1DABF2B5 88FA4591
                                                   CEBEB8A6 442FF664 58A90E2D
raspbian-ua-netinst-v1.1.1-beta2.img.bz2: SHA256 = 3D1A7CFE 6D5A05AB EE394D75
                                                   1015E8BC AE6728DC E84A2A93
                                                   6ACE6DD2 421B83B0
raspbian-ua-netinst-v1.1.1-beta2.img.bz2: SHA384 = BAF58630 714BE1E5 1F76CD2B
                                                   D2F40307 D1B7C53B EC992ECA
                                                   BA4D278D 7268D583 EDA9ACDD
                                                   0D40050B 6149E71A 7E8B4D5A
raspbian-ua-netinst-v1.1.1-beta2.img.bz2: SHA512 = 3A222384 47ECADE4 4FB0601F
                                                   A63B54EB 736FF591 1512700D
                                                   140955F5 7B0495A4 3145012F
                                                   5DE439A9 D281B774 11DED3C6
                                                   065A5BCD BFAA507B 655827CB
$ gpg --print-mds raspbian-ua-netinst-v1.1.1-beta2.img.xz
raspbian-ua-netinst-v1.1.1-beta2.img.xz:     MD5 = E2 A3 E4 EB 1A F9 49 E4
                                                   CC A8 D1 E0 83 60 F9 4A
raspbian-ua-netinst-v1.1.1-beta2.img.xz:    SHA1 = D6BB 1B4A 04D4 4914 E25B  
                                                   6FBD 5395 2362 2612 1F2E
raspbian-ua-netinst-v1.1.1-beta2.img.xz:  RMD160 = 17FE 5DB5 1084 1A2C F2FA
                                                   8C56 D124 9C00 95D9 4F5A
raspbian-ua-netinst-v1.1.1-beta2.img.xz:  SHA224 = AF044C67 DADC3D26 0E38CD14
                                                   1A44611F 46DFEB0D EAE9094F
raspbian-ua-netinst-v1.1.1-beta2.img.xz:  SHA256 = 9A0383C6 DFAD8A42 08D44CC6
                                                   5BB421C9 1275EFA1 BEBA9854
                                                   63C549D8 39982C1F
raspbian-ua-netinst-v1.1.1-beta2.img.xz:  SHA384 = D0B5B85B F664B04C 78CE0FE1
                                                   DF8452CF F0C3EF95 307FE7E5
                                                   2B85BF18 B0F22EC8 1BB236D2
                                                   AADE9846 061C0096 5CD5471C
raspbian-ua-netinst-v1.1.1-beta2.img.xz:  SHA512 = F437F78D C7990B59 302E9358
                                                   ECB4EDEA B392E0ED 46D04CE0
                                                   8DFC8DFF 352836E6 EE1C1AC1
                                                   884DC5B2 13AD858B 495CDCA8 
                                                   F41D7308 5F868E1A D64AAEA3
$ gpg --print-mds        MD5 = BF 3F 20 1F 94 EA C8 22 
                                                   31 5A F4 31 FB D3 78 CB       SHA1 = 62F0 DB62 4020 6F39 4027
                                                   3D06 5D58 AFA1 D9DC CD31     RMD160 = 0F6D 388A F594 D510 9E9A
                                                   3CD5 7440 B3C1 6953 43EE     SHA224 = E357A525 43A17472 1ECA4F81
                                                   5877F784 BF03AF4D 507320BA
                                                   B784467F     SHA256 = 42F6B9DF D58E1704 0C59A2A5
                                                   DD60234E 380D1A81 30532E05
                                                   85C1AB01 AEF08E0D     SHA384 = 430735E1 1AF666D2 36A99E60
                                                   3B2B2CA6 D5817C0F 1576DECE
                                                   B9AB9196 1F3A2B09 1D354192
                                                   7BFFCF75 62BEE598 829E065C     SHA512 = C0E7F64C 4192224A 70C4232E
                                                   81D07958 1EF8659D B94C2D2F
                                                   960D3B14 506DBFED 6B2B046B
                                                   62EEF5C1 D924C230 E72EA996
                                                   897F404B F29B8949 6C0ED360

Have fun!

raspbian-ua-netinst v1.1.1-beta

03 Jun 10:40
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Releasing version 1.1.1-beta of the Raspbian unattended netinstaller.

This is the first beta-version of the v1.1.x branch. Please use the v1.1.1-beta3 release. This release is broken.

There are many changes compared to the v1.0.x branch. For fear of forgetting to mention some of them I will only list the main changes here:

  • Support added for Raspberry Pi 3 and Raspberry Pi Zero
  • Basic support for IPv6 added
  • Basic support for WiFi added
  • Default kernel version is now 4.4

See the README for features/ installation instruction/ etc for this release.

The v1.1.x branch is currently in heavy use and seems stable.
Nevertheless, this is still a beta release so YMMV.
If you find any problems you can help us by contributing as explained in the guidelines.


$ gpg --print-mds        MD5 = CF 6E 52 5F 35 CA 51 36  8C A5 17
                                                  69 D7 8A A1 94       SHA1 = 3B61 2EF1 2CF6 A594 F68E  51BD
                                                  B7B6 6916 2D14 4E48      MD160 = 3A7F 9B3F D457 D735 8D72  7C49
                                                  1AA0 5A9F FFD7 8079     SHA224 = 86AA37F0 55F6E0A5 43016F7B
                                                  001F7F22 670734F1 FF78C8CE
                                                  3E51F198     SHA256 = F82B12E5 02CD9181 7AD2D9CF
                                                  5F6BD051 E130A20D 405A0D35
                                                  0ADE4BCB 71F22C81     SHA384 = F38BBF03 24FC222D 6EB5BB70
                                                  9323B443 6F71D6D6 64C2F2B4
                                                  21C6BA36 509B9F7A F9A1F893
                                                  DB0616D8 CB883605 F9F84300     SHA512 = DA434510 80E39D9D E0753558
                                                  DCA153C4 8AF4313E CFD00B5A
                                                  42A261CA 2B262188 432639B4
                                                  CA7247EC 82EA850B FDBA92D1
                                                  098BB3F2 5D7D343E F8125C28
$ gpg --print-mds raspbian-ua-netinst-v1.1.1-beta.img.xz
raspbian-ua-netinst-v1.1.1-beta.img.xz:     MD5 = FD D0 E5 70 AB 5D 1A EB  43 D3
                                                  56 7E 4F 7D EC ED
raspbian-ua-netinst-v1.1.1-beta.img.xz:    SHA1 = A369 5377 F17C 870C 35A5  4383
                                                  7EDA FA66 20DE FCED
raspbian-ua-netinst-v1.1.1-beta.img.xz:  RMD160 = B155 8110 C54A 1753 6298  A2AE
                                                  B313 7B32 9DA1 A60F
raspbian-ua-netinst-v1.1.1-beta.img.xz:  SHA224 = C66281F6 F8B415BC 269519F0
                                                  2597734B CF846714 33FD6B26
raspbian-ua-netinst-v1.1.1-beta.img.xz:  SHA256 = 9528B60C CFA3CFEA CD07F0FB
                                                  0CFBFF89 217BED06 1843C846
                                                  C5F9B411 62F36EFE
raspbian-ua-netinst-v1.1.1-beta.img.xz:  SHA384 = A7CC94BB 59BFA35E 3C1D6D63
                                                  13F948B2 ECF25F34 7E66413B
                                                  FF0A98DA 45151CE1 265F2A89
                                                  1C9FFEFA 8F7EF678 DA0C2B2F
raspbian-ua-netinst-v1.1.1-beta.img.xz:  SHA512 = 816AA779 66CF56B6 C9BE1120
                                                  32CF010D 6844ED94 F9EC0DB0
                                                  7EC6FEF4 26B835ED 331D3DB0
                                                  7CDD4773 88BD2C12 762444A0
                                                  4DB2F509 64077594 B97F5E7D
$ gpg --print-mds raspbian-ua-netinst-v1.1.1-beta.img.bz2
raspbian-ua-netinst-v1.1.1-beta.img.bz2:    MD5 = 72 EB AE C7 66 58 30 BD  21 
                                                  7C EA 5E 5B 08 35 B6
raspbian-ua-netinst-v1.1.1-beta.img.bz2:   SHA1 = 6EB2 6E39 B584 CEAF AF63  
                                                  AD4F A6DD 8D68 D80B 10A2
raspbian-ua-netinst-v1.1.1-beta.img.bz2: RMD160 = 873B 9EE9 FF91 4099 30C9  
                                                  A64F 2714 E2EC 4825 0861
raspbian-ua-netinst-v1.1.1-beta.img.bz2: SHA224 = 42EB2F28 33593E00 0AC15F0A 
                                                  21403204 345DBFDA 30D0BAC7 
raspbian-ua-netinst-v1.1.1-beta.img.bz2: SHA256 = 7BA9A661 ED700E68 D6E1D615 
                                                  4355F573 927DF11E E82BF01D 
                                                  C85EEFEA 78C2EB04
raspbian-ua-netinst-v1.1.1-beta.img.bz2: SHA384 = C8F48AD7 72110B43 C31C9410 
                                                  924A690C 1D8252AF D0A3DBE2 
                                                  EFE18793 815C3C45 B7C04CC8 
                                                  0EF2A3ED E7CC1916 FF815E56
raspbian-ua-netinst-v1.1.1-beta.img.bz2: SHA512 = C892D025 F7E237C5 C1BA0B78 
                                                  D89ECEF1 80071763 88D9E70A 
                                                  C019B050 19398251 920EA8DD 
                                                  46C2D80B FD6F7B9B 9F33B40C 
                                                  465DD266 97CF114B 546A3C77